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Astrology remedies:- know about several advantages to having just one bagua mirror

My jyotish expert Updated 03 May 2022 04:13 PM IST
bagua mirror effects
bagua mirror effects - Photo : Google
Mirror U is a very useful item and it is available in the market in a variety of sizes. Do you know about Pakua Darpan (also known as Bagua Darpan)? If not, then read this article completely and after listening to its benefits, you will bring it to your home immediately. By doing the remedies of this mirror mentioned in Feng Shui, you can remove negativity as well as Vastu defects from your home. So this mirror did not happen, it was a thing of great use.

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Pakua mirror is a mirror that has 8 edges and on all these edges three lines of Feng Shui are drawn, out of which some are small and some are big. This glass frame is made by combining colored woods with dark and bright colors like red, yellow, black, blue, and green.
Apart from the Pakua mirror in Feng Shui, there is also a Ganpati Pakua. By the way, both of them are the same, there is only one difference between Pakua and Ganpati Pakua, Pakua is empty but in Ganpati Pakua, Ganpati is made in the middle of it. Any Vastu defects in the kitchen can be removed by applying Ganpati Pakua on the walls of the kitchen. It is considered very auspicious to put it at the door of the kitchen.

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Pakua mirror is very useful, its use does not generate negative energy in the house. If you feel that there is any kind of negative energy in your house then you can place a mirror at the main entrance of your house. Due to this, negative energy will not enter your house and positive energy will always remain in the house.
According to Feng Shui, the Pakua mirror also proves to be very useful in removing eye defects. If your house has got an evil eye or it gets affected very soon, then you will get positive results by putting a mirror outside your house.
In Feng Shui, the right direction to use the Pakua mirror has also been told. To take full advantage of this mirror, it should be placed on the wall in the east or north direction. In easy-to-understand language, then place this mirror in such a way that the face of the viewer in it is in the east or north direction. It is said that because east and north direction is the direction of transmitting positive energy. If in such a situation your mirror is on this site then it will send back the positive energy coming from these directions but when it is towards the west and south direction then it will send back the negative energy coming from those directions which will bring back the family and home. It will protect you from the effects of negative energy.
There are also some rules attached to this mirror. Therefore, before using this glass, know those rules also. This mirror should never be used inside the home or office as it is considered harmful in Feng Shui. It should always be installed on the outside wall or balcony of the house. Whenever you go to get this mirror, check that the glass and frame are not broken anywhere, and always choose one color from green, white, or off-white for its frame. According to Feng Shui, the bigger and lighter the mirror, the better, then you should also choose a similar mirror that is light and big. Any person should use it whenever the house of the native is being affected due to negative energy. When you put this mirror, take care of its cleanliness, it should always be clean, and there should not be any kind of dust or stains on it.
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