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Astrology Special: 9 Amazing Remedies to Improve Mother In Law & Daughter in Law Relationship Rifts

MyJyotish Expert Updated 05 Apr 2022 06:56 PM IST
9 Amazing Remedies to Improve Mother In Law & Daughter in Law Relationship Rifts
9 Amazing Remedies to Improve Mother In Law & Daughter in Law Relationship Rifts - Photo : Google
Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law's relationship is very delicate, sometimes both sides are right but they come face to face. Although there are many social, family, and psychological reasons for this, some astrological remedies can also prove to be helpful in making the relationship better.
  • For good relations between the two, it is necessary that before sunrise in the morning, sweep the house and throw the garbage out. Keep the house clean
  • If the daughter-in-law will offer water mixed with jaggery to the Sun God every morning, then her mother-in-law will be happy with her.
  • To improve your relationship with your mother-in-law, on Tuesday, make semolina pudding and distribute it to the poor sitting outside the temple.
  • If there is a lot of fighting between the two, then wear silver chains around both necks. Do not exchange white things with each other. 
  • When the daughter-in-law presents the Baal Lal and Bar Hari glass bangles to the mother-in-law with a clean heart, then the differences between the two are lessened
  • After worshiping the daughter-in-law of the house daily, apply a dot of turmeric or saffron on the forehead.
  • If there is always a quarrel between the two, then offer a golden red sari to Maa Durga or Maa Gauri and then present it to your mother-in-law. A mother-in-law can do this with her daughter-in-law if she wants. 
  • Always keep a square piece of silver with you. 
  • Both should keep the solid silver tablets with them
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With all these measures, it is necessary that the mother-in-law should keep the daughter-in-law like her own daughter and the daughter-in-law give her mother-in-law love like her mother. However, nowadays it is said that the daughter-in-law comes to the house and destroys the rituals and she violates the dignity. But this is not the complete truth. Somewhere a mother-in-law should also remain within her limits and a daughter-in-law should also remain within her limits. Only then will be home happy and prosperous. And there will never be any estrangement in that house nor will there will be any fights between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.
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