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Astrology2022: Know the defination and importance of sati anusuiya jayanti

My Jyotish Expert Updated 27 Apr 2022 08:03 PM IST
what is sati anusuiya  and its importance
what is sati anusuiya and its importance - Photo : Google
What is Sati Anusuiya Jayanti
  Sati Anusuiya Jayanti will be celebrated on 30th April 2022.  Anusuiya ji is considered a woman of high character and qualities.  Anusuiya ji was one of the twenty-four daughters of Daksha Prajapati. Anusuiya ji was the epitome of love and purity.  She is considered a woman of high principles.  He was born in a royal family.  But still, she was always grounded and humble.
 His whole life was based on principles.  According to the legends, Goddess Sita was also impressed by the magnificence and personality of Anusuiya ji. He also accepted Anusuiya ji's gift.  Anusuiya was married to Saint Atri, son of Lord Brahma.  She always followed all the principles of married life.

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  Importance of Sati Anusuiya Jayanti
Anusuiya ji was the epitome of purity and love.  Therefore, the one who worships her gets the blessings of Sati Anusuiya.  All women worship Sati Anusuiya and seek her blessings.  Sati Anusuiya Jayanti is celebrated every year.  Many fairs are also organized on this day.  The Ramayana states that when Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Lakshman went to the shelter of Shant Atri, Anusuiya taught Goddess Sita about the principles of married life.  Anusuiya ji is also a symbol of Indian tradition and culture.

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 Dattatreya Jayanti Story
 To break the pride of all the three gods and goddesses, Lord Narada goes to the three goddesses in turn and praises Dharma, the husband of Goddess Anusuya.  The goddess was filled with jealousy and after Narada left, she urged Lord Shankar to dissolve the essence of Anusuya.  First Narada came to Goddess Parvati and started praising Dharma, the husband of Goddess Anusuya, wife of sage Atri.  The gods and goddesses did not like to hear the praises of Sati Anusuya.  She started burning because of pride.  After the departure of Lord Narada, she started talking about dissolving the religion of Goddess Anusuya's husband.  Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh all three had to give up in front of their respective wives and all three together in the guise of a sadhu stood in front of the hut of Goddess Anusuya.  When Goddess Anusuya offered him alms, he refused to take them and expressed his desire to eat.
 Goddess Anusuya accepted hospitality as her religion and lovingly brought a plate of food for her.  But all the three gods refused to take the food and said that we will not eat till you serve us without clothes.  Goddess Anusuya was shocked at first and was filled with anger.  But on the strength of her husband's religion, she realized the intention of all three.  After that the goddess sprinkled water from the feet of sage Atri on the three deities.  As soon as the water was sprinkled, the three children turned into children (child forms).  She feeds them in child form.  Goddess Anusuya started raising them with her love and affection.  Days slowly passed by.
 When Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh did not return home even after a long time, the three goddesses started worrying about their husbands.  The gods and goddesses began to regret their mistakes.  All three of them started apologizing to Goddess Anusuya.  All three bowed their heads in front of her husband Dravid.  Mother Anusuya said that these three have drunk my milk, so they will have to remain in child form.  Hearing this, the three gods combined their parts and made a new part.  Its name was Dattatreya it had three heads and six hands.  After receiving the three deities together in the form of Dattatreya, Goddess Anusuya sprinkled the feet of her husband sage Atreon on the three deities and gave them the original form.
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