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AstroTips 2023: Facing problems in your marriage, try out these remedies and make peace

Sweksha Sweksha Updated 27 Jan 2023 01:57 PM IST
Want to amplify love and care among the family members? Follow these simple remedies.
Want to amplify love and care among the family members? Follow these simple remedies. - Photo : google
Astrology Tips: If the distance starts increasing in married life, then make a happy life with these measures.
The track of married life runs on the mutual understanding and love of two people. But many times it is seen that the husband does not pay attention to the words of his wife, due to which the wife remains so unhappy that married life becomes a burden on her life. Many times the life partner starts showing disrespect towards her husband. So if you also want your life partner to understand you and pay attention to your words, let us tell you that astrology has the solution. It has been told about these measures in the Nyatas that, by doing some astrological measures, the vehicle of the householder's life starts running in a better way and life is spent happily.

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Do special measures on Monday and Saturday.This remedy, done on Monday and Saturday, is an easy recipe to make married life happy. Another trick to getting the love and support of your life partner is to use self-ground flour instead of packet flour. Before sending the wheat to the mill, add black grain to it and send it to the grinding mill on any Monday or Saturday; then its use will bring the relationship very close in life.

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Do this remedy on Friday.Friday is considered very auspicious for getting the happiness of married life; on every Friday, call a girl and feed her white sweets. Do this starting from Shukla Paksha for 11–21 or 51 days. This remedy has been considered very effective for happiness, prosperity, and love affairs in the house. With this remedy, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi are received.Apart from this, you can take some measures whenever you want. For example, while sleeping at night, you can apply vermilion to the head of your husband and keep the camphor facing you. Put vermilion in Tulsi the next morning, so that it does not touch the feet. Burn camphor in the evening and rotate it in the house. Due to this, happiness and peace will remain in the house. Make a lamp out of cow dung. Put mustard oil in this lamp and make a red cotton wick. Put jaggery and light a lamp. But keep in mind that you have to keep this lamp inside the door of the house, not outside. And also keep in mind that it is best to do this remedy on a Saturday.
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