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Baglamukhi: know about how worship of tantra sadhana gives success

My Jyotish Expert Updated 10 May 2022 01:01 PM IST
Baglamukhi - Photo : Google
Tantra Sadhana is a very important discipline, worship of Shakti is most associated with Tantra. The worship of Baglamukhi Devi in various forms of Shakti is kept at a very prominent place in Tantra worship. The worship of the goddess is mainly done to stun the enemies. Enemies become inactive and no one can harm them in any way. Every mantra of the Goddess has the effect of Mahamantra. Bhagwati Pitambara showers such grace to her devotees. Success in work is achieved by worshiping Mata Pitambara. Sadhaks should at least chant the Beej Mantra regularly because the life of the deity is contained in the Beej Mantra itself. The service of Bhagwati is also done by praising the name by chanting mantras. Just as Narada Rishi used to chant the name of Lord Vishnu every moment, similarly the seekers should also chant the name of Mata Pitambara every moment.

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How to do Baglamukhi Tantra Sadhana
Sadhak should worship Maa Bhagwati with devotion before starting sadhna. Worship means service. There are three types of worship: Kayika means body, Vaachik means speech and Manas means mental. Panchopchar worship of the goddess is done like verse, arghya, bath, incense, lamp, naivedya, etc. While using the speaker, the goddess recites the respective praise. When the seeker worships his deity with devotion and keeps on chanting the mantra continuously, then the mother herself bears the burden of all the worldly works and finally gives salvation. To do sadhana, it should be done selflessly. With selflessness, the seeker is never hurt by great fear. All the worldly and divine works of the seeker start getting accomplished automatically and no desire remains unfulfilled.

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Benefits of Baglamukhi Tantra Sadhana

It is believed that the chanting of the Baglamukhi mantra has miraculous powers.
Baglamukhi Mantra gives victory over enemies.
Baglamukhi Mantra is especially beneficial for people facing administration and state, politicians, debt or litigation problems, etc.
Baglamukhi Mantra can be used by a person who is blessed with loss in business, financial problems, false court cases, false allegations, and debt.
Baglamukhi Mantra is very good for those appearing in competitive exams, debates, etc.
Baglamukhi mantra chanting also helps in warding off evil spirits and the evil eye.
Baglamukhi sadhana is going to bring success in many areas of life, but cleanliness and purity also need to be taken care of in this sadhna. If sadhana is done with wrong thoughts, then it shows failure, so sadhana should not be used at all to harm anyone in vain. Worship done with a pure and sincere heart only shows success.
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