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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   best way to impress Lord Shiv in Sawan 2021. Read on to know more

The best way to impress Lord Shiv in Sawan 2021. Read on to know more about it.

My Jyotish expert Updated 06 Aug 2021 03:14 PM IST
Sawan blessings from Shiva
Sawan blessings from Shiva - Photo : Google
Sawan Somwar Vrat 2021: As per the Hindu calendar Shravan month is considered auspicious to seek the blessing of Lord Shiva.  Ashadh month has started from Friday, 25 June 2021. The month of Shravan comes after the month of Ashadha. According to the Hindu calendar, the month of Shravan is considered the fifth month. It is believed that anyone who worships Lord Shiva with a whole heart in Shravan gets all their desires fulfilled. They receive Lord Shiva's blessings and find their desired life partner. This time is best to impress the lord shiva. Hindu people have believe not to travel in between this four month time.

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The month of sawan will start from 22 july. In 2021 the sawan will start from 22july to 22 August. It include first four somwar so the very first somwar of sawan special is on 26july, the second somwar of sawan is on 2 August , the third somar of sawan is on 9 August, the fourth somwar of sawan is on 16 August. So , these are most value days of sawan somwar of 2021.   All Mondays (Somwars) which fall during Shravan month are considered highly auspicious for fasting and known as Shravan Somwar or Sawan Somwar Vrats. However, many devotees observe sixteen Mondays or Solah Somwar fasting from the first Somwar of Sawan month and continue for the next fifteen weeks. Even, wedded couples keep the Solah Somwar Vrat for a blissful married life. Every Monday in the month of Sawan holds special importance. It is believed that worshipping Lord Shiva on Monday of Sawan helps fulfill all the wishes of life. The first Monday of Sawan is on 26 July 2021. The last Monday of Sawan is on 16 August 2021.

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There is a fifteen-day difference in the starting time of the Shravan month depending on the followed lunar calendar in the region. In the Purnimant calendar, usually followed by North Indian states, the Shravan month starts fifteen days before the Amanta calendar.  
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