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Betel Leaf Remedies 2023: Know how is paan useful in worship and can change your life, Learn the benefits

MyJyotish Expert Updated 26 Sep 2023 11:25 AM IST
leaf - Photo : amar ujala
Betel Leaf Remedies 2023: Know how is paan useful in worship and can change your life, Learn the benefits

Betel leaf is considered very auspicious in worship and other types of religious activities. Betel leaf is also offered to the Gods and Goddesses as an offering. By offering betel leaves to Hanuman ji, one's work becomes successful and by offering betel leaves to Durga ji one gets protection. Similarly, in religious activities, the importance of betel leaf is considered very special and betel leaf is definitely included in the things offered to God. Lord Ganesha loves betel leaves the most, hence betel leaves are definitely offered in his worship. If some remedies of betel leaf are taken, then many types of problems present in life will be eliminated by them and it is also very auspicious for pleasing the Gods. Let us know how by doing the remedy of betel leaf, the Gods and Goddesses will also be pleased and you will get success.

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Try these betel remedies, you will get immediate benefits
If you are going to do some new work. If you want to start a new business or are going to give an interview somewhere, then put cloves and betel nuts on a betel leaf offer it to Lord Hanuman and go to work. By doing this you will be successful in that work. In the new job, you will get the position and salary as per your wish. When you return home, it is very auspicious to distribute this betel nut among all the family members as Prasad.

Goddess Durga loves betel leaves very much and offering betel leaves in her worship is considered very auspicious. In the scriptures, betel leaf is called Pungi fruit and offering betel leaf to Goddess Durga increases wealth and brings happiness and prosperity to the house. By taking some special remedies of betel leaves, all your problems go away.

Along with Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva is also very pleased by offering betel leaves. By keeping Gulkand, catechu, betel nut, clove and cardamom in betel leaf and offering it to Lord Shiva, he becomes happy soon. By offering this to Lord Shiva, every wish is fulfilled.

We can also offer paan to Lord Shri Ganesha. Offering paan to God brings happiness. Diseases and defects are eliminated.
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