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Buddha Amritwani 2023: Learn the importance of patience in life

MyJyotish Expert Updated 15 Mar 2023 04:54 PM IST
Buddha Purnima
Buddha Purnima - Photo : Google
Buddha Amritwani: "Good times come after bad times." "Learn the importance of patience in life from this story of Gautam Buddha.

"Patience is necessary in life. Because human life becomes strong and successful only through the power of patience. Patience is such a power, by which a person's soul becomes strong. Actually, patience, satisfaction, or tolerance are qualities that not everyone has. A patient person is one who remains calm even in difficult situations and overcomes them or patiently waits for the right time to come. But nowadays there is no such thing as patience left among the people. They do not have the patience to do any work or achieve anything. Rather, they want everything very quickly.  But they forget that even if something is found in haste, its importance in life is equal to zero. To know the importance of patience and why patience is necessary in life, you must know this story related to the life of Gautam Buddha.

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The story of Gautam Buddha relates to patience.

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Gautam Buddha was once going from village to city with his disciples. During the journey, he and the disciples felt tired. To relieve fatigue, he stopped near a lake and asked a disciple to bring water from the lake to quench his thirst. The disciple went to the lake to collect water in a pot. But when he reached near the lake, he saw that a bullock cart had also stopped on the banks of the lake, due to which all the soil got dissolved in the water. The lake became dirty. The disciple started thinking that how can I take such contaminated and dirty water for my Guru to drink.     That's why he returned empty-handed without taking water.

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The disciple said to Gautam Buddha, "Gurudev!" The water in the pond is very dirty and not fit for drinking. Gautam Buddha said, "Okay, no problem; let's rest here for some time." After resting, Gautam Buddha again asks the same disciple to bring water. The disciple then takes the vessel and goes to the lake. But this time he sees that there is no movement in the water of the lake, and the water is also completely clean and drinkable. The soil that used to be visible above the water has also now settled at the bottom of the lake. The disciple goes to Gautam Buddha by filling a vessel with water.

Seeing the clear water in the pot, Gautam Buddha says to the disciple, "See how the soil also went to its place and all the water became clean and drinkable." This proves that no matter how difficult times come in life, if we wait for a while for those difficult times to pass, then the times that come automatically become good. That's why patience is necessary in life.
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