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Career Horoscope 2022: Know which career is best suited for you as per your horoscope

My Jyotish Expert Updated 11 May 2022 11:23 AM IST
Career Horoscope 2022: Know which career is best suited for you as per your horoscope
Career Horoscope 2022: Know which career is best suited for you as per your horoscope - Photo : Google
You will be greatly influenced by what work you should adopt in the job field. Looking at the career options can give the best results according to your zodiac sign. A career becomes a means of livelihood in our life. The career field you choose for yourself is likely to bring both income and pleasure. Hence, it becomes important that you choose a career as per your choice, as you have to sustain it for a long time in life. Your career option is the right choice for you. If you are ready to do something big, then choosing the right job will be essential for that.

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According to Vedic astrology, there are some good planetary positions, conjunctions, and planetary change yogas that give beneficial results for the native, especially in relation to his career or business life. It is easy to understand the predictions of various careers or businesses according to the birth chart and their ascendant.
Aries Ascendant
According to Aries ascendant, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus are the important planets that play an important role in predicting the career of the native. Their position should always be good and if they intermix or combine with others, it gives beneficial results in the form of good career growth and direction for the native.
Taurus Ascendant
In the case of Taurus ascendants, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter play the most important role in predicting the career of the native. If the conjunction or exchange or position of all the three planets is positive, then the native will be affected by positive thoughts. Mechanical or Technical Sectors Government Services Commission or Consultancy Based Job Profiles Multimedia Hotel Graphics DesigningAnimation Management Areas are good.
Gemini Ascendant
Moon, Jupiter, and Venus are the most essential planets for Gemini Ascendant which play a major role inaccurate prediction of a career which brings growth and prosperity in their life. If these planets have a good placement or conjunction or exchange with each other, then the growth and success affect the career of the native. Art and creativity-related job profiles, and education-related careers can be favorable.

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Cancer Ascendant
According to Cancer Ascendant, Sun, Mars, and Jupiter are the most essential planets for the native to get the most beneficial and growing career. If the position of the above-mentioned planets is good or there is a combination or change between each other, then there are possibilities of advancement of the native's career. Real Estate Any management profile technical fields such as mechanical or software engineering, hotel management construction, psychotherapy, and medical fields may suit.
Leo Ascendant
In the case of Leo Ascendant, Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars become the most important planets. If these planets have a good position or conjunction, or they exchange with each other in a positive way, it means that the career graph of the person always rises up. Some minor hurdles may be faced, but this will also keep their development process ahead.
Virgo Ascendant
With respect to Virgo Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn play a major role in the career field. If the above-mentioned planets have a good position or conjunction or they interact positively with each other, then such conditions bring good and positive effects for the native, especially in his field of work. Writing, consulting, commission-based jobs, and apparel business can be favorable.
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