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Chaitra Navratri 2022:- Know the Mythology of how Maa Durga Killed the Wicked Mahishasura

My Jyotish Expert Updated 19 Apr 2022 02:27 PM IST
How Maa Durga Killed Mahishasura
How Maa Durga Killed Mahishasura - Photo : Google
Who is Mahishasura?
Mahi means fear. The asura who looks like Mhisha. This Mahishasura has a habit of torturing.  Ignorance is a symbol of black colour. ignorance, our attachment, our sins, all these are Mahishasura. Pride means demon. Jealously, pride, anger, animosity make demons.  Even if you are very beautiful you can still be a demon by your nature.  Wealth is a power that’s why the rich often get spoiled, arrogance comes in them. The force of the body is also a power, who doesn’t have money, he tries to dominate by beating. Vidhya is also a power, one who reads and writes more his mind also gets spoiled many times. If you misuse power, you are also demon. The power by which you can kill this demon name Mahishasura lying in your subconscious mind has to be created all inside you in this subconscious mind all the sins and virtues are there. Your subconscious mind is Mahishasura.

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Who hurt you?
Your fear Your desire hurt you. Your attachments your motherhood hurt you.

How to destroy it?
The power by which you can kill this demon named Mahishasura lying in your subconscious mind has to be created. Everyone has to awake this goddess within themselves. When that energy is awakened the chakras are pierced. sex can never touch a person whose swadhisthana chakra has been opened. If she reaches to anahata then so much love awakens that even a violent person coming in contact with her will turn non-violent. If the vishuddhi chakra is awakened then the speech will be accomplished. When the Agya Chakra is awakened the doors of all its knowledge to begin. Wisdom is white a symbol of brightness. Kundalini awakens and gives a feeling of great blessings from her conscious form of shiva. Tantra says that you do this research and awaken your energy. That power is Durga we bow down to that power. The name Durga by whose power the body, mind and outside nature is being created, moving disappearing.
 The nine days of Navratri is the festival of awakening the dormant energy with oneself through research and spiritual practice in these nine days with full domination and determination.

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