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Chanakya Niti: Know Chanakya’s secrets of living a happy life

My Jyotish Expert Updated 10 Jun 2022 06:33 PM IST
Chanakya Niti: Know Chanakya’s secrets of living a happy life
Chanakya Niti: Know Chanakya’s secrets of living a happy life - Photo : Google
Chanakya is known as Vishnu Gupta and Kautilya. He was a statesman, economist, philosopher, teacher, and jurist. Chanakya gave guidance from generation to generation through his policy. Which proves to be true even today. Chanakya has written a very ancient book, Arthashast. Which is still followed by some people.

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Chanakya was a scholar of ethics. The treatise composed by him is a book of ethics. In this, he has explained in a formulaic style how to make life happy and successful.
In Chanakya Niti, he has given ideal ways of living. He has done a rigorous study to tell this. He has explained practical and powerful policies very simply in his policies.
 If we follow Chanakya's policy in our life, then progress in our life is certain. Chanakya believes that whatever we have achieved through education will remain with us throughout our life. No one can take that from us. Everyone will leave together in life, but what has been achieved through education will remain with us. Whenever education is needed, then it will help you. Let us know which mantra Chanakya has told us for a happy life:-

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* Acharya Chanakya has said in a verse that elders, leaders, you should take the jaggery of modesty. The way he speaks slowly and lives in manners so that you can get success in job and business.
* Keep your fickle mind steady. Because if you are stable then only you can call someone else. Those who express sorrow in the happiness of others. He can never be happy. All these things have been mentioned in the 15th verse of the 13th chapter of Chanakya Niti. Chanakya has said that until a person does not have a feeling of contentment, he cannot lead a happy life.
* Chanakya has described anger as his biggest enemy. Because in anger we are not in our own right. At this time what is right and what is wrong cannot even be told.
* Never tell your biggest secret to anyone. Because somewhere he is the reason for your destruction. Chanakya has told us that the biggest enemy is our closest person.
* The life we have got is very short. We learn something from our own mistakes. Therefore, you should always be attentive because you will get to learn from the mistakes around you. If understood well then nothing is better than real-life experiences because you have seen them with your own eyes.
* Chanakya has told you that if you are more straight than the limit, then the whole world will fool you. It has also been seen that always the straight tree can be cut first. So be strong enough to defend yourself.
*Never should a person fall in the grip of greed. If there is such a belief then that person can never be happy. In this situation, he will also take the wrong step.
* If you have to do something in life, you have to cross the stairs of success, then you must first set your goal. By doing this the goal is not far away.
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