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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Chandrika Devi Temple: - the historical Chandrika Devi Temple of Lucknow.

Chandrika Devi Temple: - Know about the historical Chandrika Devi Temple of Lucknow.

My Jyotish Expert Updated 20 May 2022 03:45 PM IST
chandrika Devi Temple
chandrika Devi Temple - Photo : Google
On the banks of river Gomti, Chandrika Temple is one of the oldest and the most popular pilgrimage sites in Lucknow. According to Goddess Durga, Chandrika Devi Temple is over 300 years old. Chandrika Devi Temple of Lucknow is situated on river Gomti, situated 35 km from the central city. The glory of this temple is unmatched.

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The idol of the temple's presiding deity is carved out of a rock that comprises three heads. This famous Hindu holy site of Lucknow is also mentioned in various Hindu scriptures, Skanda and Karma Purana. This prominent tourist place of Lucknow is filled with huge crowds of devotees of the year.
The crowd doubles on the auspicious days of Amavasya and NavratriThese days, many religious activities are witnessed in and around the temple. Devotees come from afar and wide to offer prayers. Also, these days various religious rituals like 'Havan ' and 'Mundan ' can be seen performed by the pilgrims. Grand fairs are also organized in the temple during these holy days in March/April and October/November. At the same time, after the fulfillment of the wish, a bell is tied in the temple's premises by offering chunari, prasad to the mother.

Chandrika Devi Temple is one of the best places in Lucknow for a fantastic spiritual time. The exact origin of this famous Hindu temple is Lucknow which is yet to be attained. However, the present construction of the temple traces its history back to about 300 years ago.
 It is said that Prince Chandraketu, the founder of Lucknow, the elder son of Sri Lakshmana, was once passing through amongst Gomti with an Ashwamidha horse. It got dark on the way. So they had to take a rest in the dense forest. So he prayed to the goddess for protection. In an instant, the Moon was cold, and the goddess appeared in front of him and assured him.
It is said that foreign invaders destroyed a grand temple established here during that period in the 12th century.
It is also said that about 250 years ago, some villagers roamed in the forests located in this beautiful place surrounded by dense forests. The next day, a villager found the idol of the goddess and placed it at its current location. Later, a temple was constructed, and since then, people kept visiting this temple and doing 'puja ' after knowing the form of Mother Chandrika. Hence, this place is also known as Mahi Sagar Teerth.

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According to folklore, the elder son of Sri Lakshmana, the founder of Lucknow, passed through the Gomti River with a horse, Ashwamiedha. It got dark on the way, and he took shelter in the dense forest. During this day, he prayed to Chandrika Devi for her well-being. After some time, the weather cleared, and Goddess Chandrika appeared in front of him. According to legend, the original temple, the temple of Goddess Chandrika, was built in that Goddess era. However, it was later demolished by the invaders in the 12th century.
Another legend associated with this Lucknow tourist destination is that in the Dwapar Yuga, Lord Krishna told Ghatotkacha's son Barbarik about the pilgrimage to gain power. This is where he worshipped Goddess Chandrika for three consecutive years to attain supreme power.

Opening and Closing time.
The temple of Chandrika Devi is open to tourists on all days of the week in Yes. From Sunday to Saturday. Tourists can visit this place anytime from 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM.
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