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Christmas 2021;Significance, History and interesting ways to celebrate the big day

my Jyotish expert Updated 04 Dec 2021 09:00 PM IST
Christmas 2021
Christmas 2021 - Photo : Google
Why celebrate Christmas on December 25th?
Christmas Day is an annual Christian festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. In particular, the importance of Christmas is manifested in the memory and blessings of God's presence in our world through the incarnation of Jesus. Christmas is also widely celebrated by non-Christians as a seasonal holiday, where popular traditions such as gifts, feasts, and Christmas carols take place.

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 The actual date of birth of Christ is unknown, but Christmas has been symbolically celebrated from the 4th century to December 25th.
 Scientists cannot agree exactly when Christ was born. And the exact situation of the beginning of Christmas that we know remains in the dark. Several 3rd-century chronographs were held on December 25, before and after the winter solstice. This is the most likely day of the birth of Christ, but other dates have been proposed, including some of spring and autumn. The oldest extant record of a feast celebrating the birth of Christ in the Western Church is in the 354 Roman chronographs (or chronograph), also known as the Phyllocalism calendar. This yearbook records that in 336 the Roman church celebrated a feast to commemorate the birth of Christ.
 Around 350 C.E., Pope Julius I set December 25 as the day the church commemorates the birth of Jesus. Many historians believe that the church was intrigued by the festival to counter the pagan festivals around the solstice at this time of the year, but clarified the reason for Rome, which set the date to December 25. There is no historical document to explain.
 The word "Christmas" comes from the old English Cristes maesse which means "Christmas mass".

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How do we celebrate Christmas?
 Mosaics of today's rich Christmas customs date back all over the world. For example, the candles and lights associated with Christmas were thought to symbolize a lighthouse for the young Christ, which may have evolved from the Yule Log lit up to encourage the sun to return to pagan Scandinavia as part of Jol (Yule). holiday.

 Here are two more popular Christmas traditions and their origins.;

How did the idea for the Christmas tree come about?
Its origins probably relate to the winter holidays long before Christianity began. The practice of decorating trees or using plants and trees that are green all year round was important to people in winter climates. In some cultures, evergreens were believed to deter witches, ghosts, evil spirits, and even disease. In the Middle Ages, December 24 was celebrated as the feast of Adam and Eve, and the tree of paradise was a Christmas tree with red apples. Today, the custom of using evergreen ornamented trees as part of the Christian celebration of Christmas began in Germany more than 400 years ago and quickly spread throughout northern Europe, becoming a tradition brought to the New World by European immigrants.

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  • Christmas event Create Your Advent Calendar Share your holiday excitement with a calendar full of sweet surprises for the moon. Create your own Christmas calendar using paper bags, cupcake frames, envelopes, or other items available at home, and add cute, whimsical little gifts to celebrate each day. These are the perfect holiday gift or a great way to heal yourself every day in December.
  •  Please have some fun Holidays are the perfect excuse to encourage those around you and help you enjoy your vacation. Whistle your favorite Christmas tunes, smile at others, and have a Merry Christmas or a Merry Holiday to everyone. Your holiday spirit will be contagious. 
  • Preparing a Christmas Supper Enjoy a festive dinner with friends and family. One of the most important traditions of the Christmas season is to make winter a little warmer by gathering with loved ones and sharing the warmth of compassion. Your friends and family will leave with a heart full of happiness, filling their stomachs with food!
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