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Know everything about the conjunction of the sun and the moon

My Jyotish Expert Updated 04 Sep 2021 01:46 PM IST
Sun Moon Conjunction
Sun Moon Conjunction - Photo : Google
The sun and Moon are not only considered essential for life on Earth but also these 2 planets are considered the most important in astrology. The sun is called the king of the planets and the moon is called the Queen of the planets. Surya has been considered as a factor of Father, Politics, Leadership Ability, Soul, government work or job etc. At the same time, the moon is considered as the factor of Mother, mind, etc. Having a good position of these two planets in the horoscope removes the native from many troubles because one is the factor Planet of the soul and the other of the mind. The soul and mind need to be balanced to achieve success. That is when viewed from the eyes of astrology, both the sun and the moon must be auspicious in your horoscope.

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The conjunction of the sun and the moon
It is believed in astrology that the farther the sun and Moon are from each other, the more auspicious results it will give to the native. The farther the moon is from the sun, the more powerful it is. At the same time, whenever these two planets form a conjunction in the horoscope, it is called Amavasya yoga. This yoga is not considered good for the natives because the moon gives auspicious results only when they are away from the sun. But as they get closer to the sun, they lose their coolness and create inauspicious conditions for the native. With Amavasya yoga, one does not receive the auspicious fruits of the moon. However, when these two planets in the horoscope form the vision relationship, i.e. pratisruti, then the native gets auspicious results. In this situation, both planets live far from each other.

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Fruits of sun lunar conjunction
On the conjunction of these two planets in the horoscope, the life of Man begins to be clouded by troubles. Mental worries disturb the native. Such people can spoil their present by getting lost in the fantasy world. Simultaneously with these two planets, bad habits can take a person. Such people may face difficulties even in family life.
Influence of Sun-Moon conjunction in 12 houses of the horoscope
All 12 different houses in the horoscope have different effects of the Sun-Moon conjunction. Let us know the effect of the Sun-Moon conjunction in all expressions…
- The conjunction of these two planets in the first house can cause some suffering to the person mentally. The presence of the sun moon in this house may make the native attractive, but at the same time, the playfulness will remain in his mind.
- The combination of sun and Moon in the second house can lead to weakness on the economic side. At the same time, one may face problems with relatives too.
– In the third house, this combination gives mixed results, the person will have courage but when he is reminded of his strength then he will do any work.
- By combining these planets in the fourth house, the moon gets stronger because the moon is stronger in this house. At the same time, the sun is not very powerful in this sense. Therefore, this combination in this house gives mixed results. Such people like to be among their loved ones and they get their mother's support.
– Having this conjunction in the fifth house can weaken the person emotionally. Also, her siblings face challenges in life.
– With this combination in the sixth sense, one is surrounded by worries. Such a person may have problems with health.
– This combination in the seventh house can be a challenge in married life. Such people need to avoid performing any actions in a partnership.
-Sun-Moon conjunction in the eighth house causes unknowable fear in a person. Such people are reluctant to put their words in front of others.
- The combination of the Moon and Sun in the ninth house makes a person religious. Such people often live far from their birthplace.
- In the tenth house, the sun is considered to be Bali, while the Moon loses its power, so by having this conjunction in this house one gets the ability of representation, but due to lack of gentleness, it can face troubles in the field of work.
– In Ekadashi Bhava, this combination strengthens the economic side of a person, although it takes a lot of effort to earn money.
– This combination in the Dwadashi Bhava can put a person in bad habits. Such people can do their harm because of bad associations.
Sun-Moon conjunction brings many troubles to life which you should take some measures to overcome.

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Tips to avoid the bad effects of Sun-Moon conjunction
Worship Lord Shiva on Monday and offer water on the Shivling to reduce the bad effects of the Sun-Moon conjunction. Items associated with the moon must be donated. Such people should wake up early in the morning and sleep early at night. On the day of the new moon, such a person should keep a fast and not consume meat, wine, etc.

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