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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Dream astrology 2022: Know which nightmares are an indication of dissatisfaction with pictures, do not ignore them

Dream astrology 2022: Know which nightmares are an indication of dissatisfaction with pictures, do not ignore them

My Jyotish Expert Updated 18 Jun 2022 08:24 PM IST
Dream Astrology
Dream Astrology - Photo : Google
If you keep seeing ancestors in your dreams, several interpretations of dreams have been offered in astrology, according to dream science. So, in your dream, he wants to convey something to you; his words should not be dismissed, and he should fix the situation by paying attention to him.

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Dreaming while sleeping is a common occurrence, but astrology has assigned varied meanings to various sorts of dreams. If you encounter ancestors in your dreams frequently, according to dream scripture, these dreams should not be dismissed. Because your father may be attempting to communicate with you through these dreams, you should try to decipher his signals. Many times, your ancestors convey their anger with you in dreams, while at other times, they show their joy. Learn about some of these dreams and how they might help you determine if the dreams you've had are auspicious or not.

Seeing your fathers in trouble in a dream: If you see your fathers in distress in a dream. And if they are spotted begging for food, drink, or other items, this is not a good indicator. This indicates that your father is in danger. You should contribute to the poor in this scenario to alleviate their misery. Also, Gita and Ramayana should be recited daily.
This will bring them happiness.

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We also takeout food for the crow during Pitru Paksha. The crow is said to transport the food to the ancestors. If you peck the crow in your dream, it means your father is furious with you. In this case, you should strive to figure out where you went wrong and what you did wrong. Has occurred or is currently occurring. Regular tarpan, shraadh, and ancestor donation should also be performed.

Seeing ancestors cry in a dream: Seeing your ancestors cry in a dream is also a sign that your father has not yet received salvation. In such a case, you should prepare a Brahmin feast for him and read the Gita while praying to God for his redemption.

Anger of fathers: If you are enraged with your father in your dream, it might indicate that you have Pitrudosh in your home, in which case you should visit an astrologer to remedy the situation. Because Pitru Dosh has the potential to wreck the entire family.
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