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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Easter 2022:Know the timings, It’s meaning and significance of the day in Christianity

Easter 2022:Know the timings, It’s meaning and significance of the day in Christianity

My Jyotish Expert Updated 12 Feb 2022 05:32 PM IST
Easter Day
Easter Day - Photo : google

Easter 2022:Know the timings, It’s meaning and significance of the day in Christianity

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Let's learn briefly about Easter Day, when Easter Day is, how Easter Day is celebrated, or as it is also known, Easter Sunday.

Easter Day is considered a very special festival for the followers of Christianity. This day is associated with Lord Jesus Christ of Christianity. According to Christian beliefs, Jesus left on Good Friday. After 3 days, on Sunday, he came back to life by re-entering his human form. It is said that 40 days after his resurrection , he ascended to Heaven. He spent these forty days with his disciples. At the same time, he walked with them and taught them to lead with truth and love. After this, Jesus lived in the kingdom of Heaven forever. In ancient times most Jews followed Christianity. The Jews named the time of the rising of Lord Jesus Christ as Easter.

Easter Day is related to 40 days of fasting. Lord Jesus Christ, after reentering his human form, had guided people for 40 whole days and showed them how to make their life pure and  rich. After that, he left forever and went on to be with God. For this reason, there is a ritual to celebrate Easter Day for a full 40 days. He used to call himself the son of God from the start. During the Easter Day festival, awakening is done at night while following the tradition of distributing candles to your friends and relatives on this day is very popular.

 When is Easter Day celebrated? (Easter Day Kab Hai)

In Christianity, the Sunday after the third day of Good Friday is celebrated as Easter Day. This Sunday is celebrated as Easter. This festival falls on a different day every year. According to the current calendar, Easter Day falls in the middle of March or April.

Married women worship and pray to Easter in the early morning. It was at this time that Jesus was resurrected, and Mary Magdalene was the first to see him after he had seen himself.  He told other women about it after he saw it. This is also called Sunrise Service. The dawn prayer is followed by the resurrection prayer. This prayer is conducted near noon.

Easter Day Festival

The first week of this festival is called Easter week. In this week all Christians go to church for mass and observe fast. For the celebration of Good Friday, decorations are removed from churches. At the same time, the churches are re-decorated on Easter Day. On this day even the smallest of churches are decorated very nicely by devotees.

Candles are lit in churches during the Holy Feast of Easter Day. After lighting candles, all the devotees gather together to pray and sing songs to express joy over the rebirth of Christ. By lighting a candle, the devotees show their faith in Jesus. Therefore, churches are decorated by lighting thousands of candles on this day. On this day, Lord Jesus Christ forgave the sinners who slayed him.

Eggs are considered monumental in this festival. It signifies the light of a new era in life, just as a chick emerges from an egg and enters the world as a new life. Thus this day is celebrated as the beginning of a new life. Coloured eggs are given as an offering on this day. Most people decorate eggs by painting them. In Christianity this is considered auspicious and doing so brings goodness to life. According to beliefs, following this tradition opens up luck. That is why this day is celebrated by letting go of any enmity held back in one’s mind.

Birth place of Lord Jesus

According to Christian beliefs, Jesus was born at a place called Bethlehem, hence this place is considered a holy land by Christians. This special place is located just five kilometres away from the city of Jerusalem. The Church of the Nativity, built at Bethlehem in the world, is counted among the oldest discussions. On Easter Day, followers of Christianity from far and wide gather at this holy sanctuary.

This church was established in 339 AD, but some sinners wreaked havoc upon it. But after a few years, this church was rebuilt and it was remade better than before. This church still stands today. There is a niche in the church in which fourteen circular figures stand and a silver star is painted on the marble floor. According to the beliefs, Lord Jesus Christ was born at this place.

Meaning of Easter day

According to Christian beliefs, Easter originated from the word Istra. Easter is believed to come from the worship of pagan goddess Eostre. She is considered to be a goddess of spring and fertility. To please them, this festival is celebrated in the month of April. Sometimes it also comes at the end of March.

Why is Easter Day celebrated?

According to Christian beliefs, Lord Jesus Christ was resurrected three days after his death. The miracle is witnessed only on this Sunday. For this reason, this day is celebrated with great pomp and splendour as Easter Sunday. This festival is celebrated by Christians going to church, singing together and praying. On the other hand, Good Friday is considered a day of mourning because Jesus Christ died on this day.
How is Easter Day celebrated?

People of Christianity celebrate this day by organising songs and prayers in the churches. At this time the discussions are decorated and candles are lit everywhere. 40 days of fasting is observed during this festival. There the Ish Vachan is recited by the devotees. This time is celebrated by practising renunciation and penance. Lord Jesus Christ had ascended to  heaven by giving a great example of sacrifice. He had sacrificed his life for the betterment of humanity.

The resurrection of Christ on the third day in Jerusalem is known as Date Sunday. According to the beliefs of Christianity, people welcomed the Lord Jesus by laying palm twigs and clothes on the way. On this day, people of Christianity follow the tradition of hiding coloured eggs. On this day, parents hide the eggs and children run to find them. The egg is considered a symbol of resurrection by Christians.

Importance of Easter Day (Easter Day Ka Mahatva)

In Christianity, this day is called the festival of victory of non-violence. This festival is considered a symbol of truth. That's why Easter Day is considered a very big and important festival. On this day the Bible is recited and fast is also observed. Experts of Christianity believe that in ancient times, Sunday was considered very sacred by the Christian Church. But from the fourth century onwards, every day preceding Easter Day was considered holy.

In the same period, Good Friday was also a holy day. Easter Day is a very important festival for Christians. Every year this festival is celebrated in full faith. It is a day full of joy, on this day people start a new life by seeking forgiveness for their sins. On this day, love should be shared and it should be celebrated together. The Lord Jesus Christ was crucified and physically tortured, shortly after which he died. Good Friday and Black Friday are honoured on this day.

Jesus Christ

इस गुप्त नवरात्रि मिलेगा अधिक लाभ, जानिए कैसे पूजा करने से आप हो जाएँगे
He considered himself the son of God and was respected by all, due to which some religious leaders were jealous of him. Because of this jealousy, Jesus was tortured and killed. But even after enduring so much pain, he said his last words, `` O God, forgive these people, they do not have the knowledge of their actions. They don't know what they are doing. ‘’ At the time when the Lord Jesus Christ left His body, the whole area was covered in darkness for three hours.

Therefore, considering this day a day of mourning, it is celebrated as Black Friday. People of Christianity remove decorations or cover them with cloth on this day. But after three days, Lord Jesus again surprised everyone by entering His body. Today was Sunday. Therefore, considering this day holy, it was celebrated as Easter Day. This day should be celebrated by keeping bad thoughts at bay and keeping love at the top of your minds.




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