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Vastu Dosh Remedies 2022: Easy remedies for vastu dosha redressal

Prerna PrernaPrerna Prerna Updated 15 Jan 2022 09:46 AM IST
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Beneficial / Simple / Asana / Easy Remedies for Vastu Dosha Redressal
Vastu is very important in the life of all living beings. And knowingly and unknowingly, by using the utility of Vastu well, they keep trying to make their life easy. All living beings receive energy in different forms by nature. Some of these are favourable to the life cycle of animals and some have adverse effects. Therefore, all beings try to take maximum advantage of favourable energies and avoid unfavourable energies.

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In the life of urban life and bustle, we build houses or houses arbitrarily keeping the rules in mind. When the happiness of the members of the house disappears even after incurring huge costs, then we get an idea where there is a mistake while constructing the house.
Knowingly or unknowingly while building your house, some Vastu defects remain due to mistakes or circumstances. To get rid of these defects, if you take the measures mentioned, then you can get rid of Vastu-generated defects without any sabotage.
Directions have an important contribution to Vastu
Even after worshipping Vastu, sometimes some defects remain in the soil due to some reasons, which need to be redressed. There is a general belief that the south and west directions do not have a good effect or have inauspicious effects. But the truth is something else. In each direction, there are special elements, which make a good impression. Like 135 to 180 degrees in the south direction, 270 to 310 degrees in the west direction gives a good effect. Therefore, it is necessary to have knowledge of the possibilities of taking advantage of their good luck without having any bias towards the directions.
First of all, we should wake up and meditate for a few moments on the Supreme Soul, the Director of this universe. After that, the tone which is playing, look at the palm of that part, touch the face with that palm for some time, caress it. After that, you place the same foot on the ground, on whose side the tone is going. This will always keep the glow on the face.
How To Remove Vastu Doshas
  • When you wake up in the morning, one part of the body has the most magnetic and electrical power, so by touching that part of the body with the earth, the powers of the five elements are balanced. 
  • If there is any type of perforation ie a pillar, big tree or multi-storey building, then your health or financial condition can be affected due to this.
  •  If there is a high defect, then it will be effective to take the following measures. 
  • If you put a lamp post in front of your house. If this is not possible, then plant pots of Ashoka trees and fragrant flowering trees in front of the house. Tulsi plant is auspicious for health. By doing nine recitations of Shri Ramcharit Manas in an unbroken form in the house, the defects caused by Vastu are removed. 
  • By doing Akhand Bhagavannam-Kirtan in the house for nine days, Vastu-borne defects are prevented.
  •  Make a swastika sign with vermilion over the door. This sign should be nine fingers long and nine fingers wide. 
  • Put a horseshoe (iron) on the door of the house. It should have fallen on its own. 
  • To remove all kinds of Vastu defects of the house, plant a banana tree on one side of the main door and a Tulsi plant on the other side in a pot. It is established by digging a two feet deep pit.
  •  If the plot is purchased for a long time, If you have gone and there is no chance of building a house, then plant a pomegranate plant in the flower constellation in that plot.
  •  At the time of the inauguration of the factory, install a silver snake in the ground in the east direction. If a multi-storey building is in front of you, then According to Feng Shui, eight angular mirrors, crystal hair and directional instruments can be installed.
  •  Broken utensils or broken cots should not be kept in the house. Keeping broken utensils and broken cot leads to loss of money. 
  • Place a big round mirror on the roof of the house in such a way that the entire shadow of the house is visible in it. 
  • If factory smoke comes out near the house, then exhaust fan or tree Install it.
  •  If the beam is such a place in the house due to which you feel mental stress, then you can adopt this remedy to avoid the defects arising from the beam.
  •  If there is a beam in the bedroom, then do not put your bed or dining table under it. 
  • If there is an office, do not keep tables and chairs. Put flutes on both sides of the beam. This removes the Vastu defects. 
  • Hang the wind bell below the beam or cover the beam with ceiling tiles. Put green coloured Ganpati idols on both sides of the beam. 
  • This Vastu is considered to be harmful. If any corner of the house comes in front of your main door, then put a spotlight. So that the light stays in the direction of your house and put a tall tree straight in the middle.
  •  Make a lamp of ghee and incense sticks in the bedroom so that the mind remains happy. Keep in mind that the broom should not be kept in the bedroom. 
  • If there is any direction related defect in the house, then it is possible to get the benefit by taking these measures to avoid it. 
  • Make a doorway at the main door of the house. Due to this, bad and other defects are not able to enter the house. 
  • For the fault of the Northeast angle, keep a pot full of water in this direction.
  •  Keep this angle clean. For the prevention of Agni angle defect, put a red coloured bulb in the corner which keeps burning day and night. An exhaust fan can also be installed. 
  • If the kitchen is in the wrong place, then put a bulb in the firing angle and lit it in the morning and evening compulsorily.
  •  Tie it in a moli and hang it on the door. To rectify the defect of the beam, cover the beam with ceiling tiles.
  •  Place bamboo flutes on both sides of the beam. Make this corner heavy to avoid southeast angle defects. It's good to have a store here. Do not let the reflection of the mirror fall on the bed in the bedroom, also, keep the same mattress on the double bed, it will improve. 
  • For love in husband and wife, keep a picture of a lover bird or a pair of mandarin ducks or a picture of a happy family posture Put a mirror reflecting the dining table increases the luck and harmony of the person, put it. 
  • If possible, keep a cow, it removes the Vastu defect. Tulsi plant should be planted in the house.
Vastu defects related to your kitchen
The best place for the kitchen is southeast. Its or another option is North-West direction. If there are signs of lack of harmony in married life, then special attention should be paid to the Vastu plan of the kitchen and bedroom.
It is also necessary to take care of the paint on the kitchen walls etc. Do not keep things like worship rooms or idols of deities in the kitchen. Keep the cooking range in the kitchen in the east in such a way that the cook faces the east direction. Fused processor, microwave, fridge etc should be arranged in the south-east.
Water-related works like a water filter, dishwasher, sink for washing dishes etc. should be done in the northeast part, it removes Vastu defects. If there is no wall cabinet in the east wall, then it is better not to keep heavy items here if necessary.
Store food and drink in the North-West direction or in the North-West part of the kitchen, through which the door has to come more or if the main door is right in front of the kitchen, as well as the planets and constellations of the husband and wife, indicate discord. It would be better to get the doors replaced or else the above situations act as fuel in the fire.
The middle part of the building is called Brahma Sthan. It should be left blank. Like furniture or any heavy items affect health and mental peace here. Do not hang heavy chandeliers in the ceiling in the Brahmasthan area. There is a prohibition on the provision of drains to drain water in this part, which is an indicator of economic loss. With these remedies, you can get rid of Vastu Dosha.
Do not build houses in these places
It is considered inauspicious by all to build a house on the cremation ground. In fact, this whole earth is a cremation ground. When Karna requested Lord Krishna to do my cremation at such a place where no one has been cremated till date, then God could not find any such place on the whole earth-
Legitimate holds great importance in Vastu Shastra. It indicates obstruction or obstruction. In front of the building or the main gate, if there is a tree, pillar, big stone etc. or the end of the road used by the public, then it has the opposite effect.
When there is such a road between the perforation and the building which has a common path, then the effect of the perforation is not completely but greatly reduced. Even at home, any object in front of the door of any room, such as such decorative items in front of the sleeping room, can be due to stress and worries or interfere with sleep.
Make window doors thoughtfully
If there is black paint on the window, door and mainly the main gate, then the behaviour of the family members increases with rudeness, anger, abusive language etc. The said effect is especially visible on any member of the house whose speech position and related planets and constellations are affected by Saturn, Rahu, Mars and Ketu etc.
If Mars and Ketu are under the influence, then red paint indicates the tendency to use argumentative, excessive debate, quarrelsome and sarcastic language. In such a situation, the use of white colour is beneficial.
It is necessary to have knowledge of astrology along with Vastu Shastra. Nowadays astrology and Vastu Shastra are emerging as lucrative businesses. Unscrupulous architects suggest strange and poor solutions. So choose an architect carefully. Always beware of those who claim to get rid of people's problems quickly.
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