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Effect Of Shani Dev: For The Next Three Years, Special Results Will Be Given To These Zodiac Signs.

Myjyotish Expert Updated 03 Apr 2021 07:13 PM IST
blogs - Photo : Myjyotish
Effect Of Shani On Your Zodiac Signs Till 2024 Know When The Zodiac Sign Of Saturn Will Be Positive Or Negative.
Shani Dev is said to be The God Of Justice, He gives everyone according to The Law Of Punishment on the basis of Karma, According to the Good Or Bad deeds done by him. Saturn is the most important place among astrological planets.

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Astrologers Believe That Due To The Direction And Position Of Saturn At This Time, If Saturn Is The Causative Planet In Your Horoscope, Then In The Coming Three Years I.E. By 2024, Such People Will Get The Best Results.
In Fact, Many Astrologers Believe That Saturn Will Remain As The Most Influential Planet By The Year 2024. In Such A Situation, Due To Their Predominance, Many People Will Become Even Spoiled.
Actually, Shanidev, The Factor Of Justice And Public, Is Currently Transiting In Capricorn, While From April 2022, He Will Visit Aquarius And Stay There For Two And A Half Years.
According To Pandit Sunil Sharma, Shanidev Will Now Remain Self-Occupied In Capricorn Until 18 January 2023. Meanwhile, From 30 April 2022 To 9 July 2022, You Will Transit In Aquarius And Then Will Be Retrograde. In Doing So, Saturn Will Travel In Its Own Zodiac Signs By The Year 2024.
Due To Which The Year 2024 Is Going To Be Very Special For The Natives Of These Zodiac Signs. Shani Dev Will Be Happy And Impressive By Traveling In Swarashi. This Will Accelerate The Working Of People In The Society. Whereas The Justice System Will Get Success, Due To Which The Legal Matters Related To The Public Will Improve And The Stalled Work Will Be Faster.
According To Pandit Sharma, If There Is A Planet Saturn In Your Horoscope, Then The Person Will Get The Best Results In These Four Years. Due To This, Efforts Made In The Field Will Get Success As Well As New Opportunities Will Also Be Available. Apart From This, Shani Will Motivate Senior And Upper Class Officers To Work More Diligently And Diligently While Identifying The Wrong People.
According To Astrology, All Planets Travel From One Zodiac To Another. In This Way, Saturn Completes The Zodiac’s Journey In 30 Years. The Zodiac Is Divided On The Basis Of The Five Elements Of The Body. One Of These Elements Is Also Earth. There Are Three Zodiac Signs Of Earth Element – Taurus, Virgo And Capricorn. In Such A Situation, Due To The Influence Of Saturn, There Will Be Activism In Society. At The Same Time, It Is Also Believed That Shani Will Inspire The Government For Welfare Efforts.
It Will Be Beneficial For Saturn To Enter Swarashi …
: The Judicial System Will Work Smoothly.
: There Are Signs Of Improvement In Legal Matters Too.
: Not Only That, If Saturn Is A Planet In The Horoscope, Then The Native Will Get Special Results From The Deeds Done For Four Years.
: Your Work Or Efforts Will Not Go In Vain In The Field, There Will Be Every Chance Of Getting Success.
: People Can Get New Opportunities.
: Shanidev’s Chakuk Will Run On The Wrong People, Many Problems Will Have To Be Faced In Life.
Know When To Get The Half-And-Half Of Saturn…
  • From 29 April 2022, The Saturn Will Start Half-Way Through The Capricorn, Aquarius And Pisces Zodiac Signs.
From July 12, 2022, Saturn Will Move In Retrograde, Ie, By Moving In Reverse, Saturn Will Enter Capricorn. Then The Half Century Will Start In Sagittarius, Capricorn And Aquarius.
  • On January 17, 2023, Saturn Will Enter Saturn Again In Aquarius. Then The Saturn’s Half-Century Will Begin On The Natives Of Capricorn, Aquarius And Pisces.
  • Saturn Will Enter Capricorn On March 29, 2025. Then Saturn’s Half-Century Will Begin On The Natives Of Aquarius, Pisces And Aries.
  • On June 3, 2027, Saturn Will Enter Aries. Then Saturn Will Start In Pisces In Pisces, Aries And Taurus.
  • On 20 October 2027, Saturn Will Transit In Pisces. Then One Zodiac Forward And One Zodiac Sign I.E. Aquarius, Pisces And Aries Will Start Saturn’s Half-And-Half.
  • Saturn Will Transit In Aries On 23 February 2028. Then Saturn Will Start In Pisces In Pisces, Aries And Taurus.
  • On August 8, 2029, Saturn Will Enter The Taurus Sign. Then Saturn Will Start In Aries, Taurus And Gemini.
  • October 5, 2029, Saturn Will Move In The Opposite Direction, Ie, Will Go Again In The Aries Zodiac. Then Saturn Will Start In Pisces In Pisces, Aries And Taurus.
  • Saturn Will Enter Taurus In 17 April 2030. Then One Zodiac Forward And One Zodiac Sign Ie Aries, Taurus And Gemini Will Start Saturn’s Seven And A Half
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