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Effects of Sun and Saturn on relationships

MyJyotish expert Updated 20 Apr 2021 02:28 PM IST
sun & saturn relationship
sun & saturn relationship - Photo : Myjyotish
How do Sun and Saturn affect relationships? Let us learn ways to keep them calm.

Sun has the father's place among all the planets. The position of the father is seen from the Sun. Saturn is related to employment on one side. On the other side, Saturn is also the son of Surya. For the relationship between father and son, the mutual position of Sun and Saturn is seen. These two planets are currently sitting together in Capricorn. If the position of both the planets in the horoscope gets worsened, then there can be a very bad effect on human relationships.

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What is the inauspicious effect of Sun and Saturn?

The synergy between father and son is quite bad. Sometimes only one of the father and son lives. The son gets divided with the father or the son leaves the father. Sometimes, the father abuses his son. The father abandons his son from his life and property.
If the son's relationship with the father is too bad.

Father should offer water to the sun in the morning daily . Every Saturday, light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree. Orbit the Peepal tree 19 times. Bitterness will soon be removed from the relationship.

what If someone's age is threatened due to Sun and Saturn.?

Both father and son, chant "Namah Shivaya" 108 times in the morning. On Saturday, both donate black sesame and jaggery. Both of them should have Rudrabhishek of Shiva done in the spring.
If father misbehaves with his son

Every morning, son should mix black sesame and offer water to the sun. The son should fast on Sunday, do not eat salt on this day. Son should use dark colored clothes sparingly.
If the son misbehaves with his father
The father should offer roasted mixed water to the sun every morning. Offer yellow flowers to Lord Vishnu every evening. Wear red colored clothes at least.
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