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Every Mercury Retrograde Happening in 2023

Aishwarya KeshariAishwarya Keshari Updated 08 Jan 2023 01:10 AM IST
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Mars transits to Virgo: Know about the entrance of Mars, its benefits, and its effect on other zodiac signs - Photo : Google
Every Mercury Retrograde Happening in 2023
Mercury retrograde can be frustrating. But with this guide to prepare you, it may run smoothly!

What does Mercury retrograde mean?
As the planet of communication, business, travel, and logistics, Mercury is regarded by astrologers as the messenger. It appears to slow down and turn around in the sky three to four times a year, travelling backward through the zodiac signs. The term "retrograde" refers to this move backward. Of course, Mercury isn't really travelling backward in the universe. It's merely an optical trick, which astrologers record in their charts.

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What does the retrograde of Mercury signify for us?
Technical failures, misunderstandings, and delays are reportedly caused by Mercury retrograde. When travelling, for instance, pay particular attention to your itinerary during the Mercury retrograde period: Don't be late for your train due to daydreaming! It would be a good idea to double-check everything whether or not you are travelling. During this time, things could go lost, but they could also get found if they had been lost before.

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Reversals, exchanges, or revisitations may occur during this time. Although it might not be the ideal moment to start something new, it might be fantastic to pick up a project that was put on hold!
However, approaching agreements with flexibility may be advantageous. Astrologers frequently advise avoiding signing new contracts during this time since the conditions may alter later. Retrograde is applicable when something is being redone, reworked, or rethought.
Mercury is taking a vacation from its routine scurry, which also means that we are approaching our daily tasks in a new way. Give your mind a rest, slow down, and take a break. You could cross paths with old acquaintances, revisit old talks and locations. Perhaps a dormant email thread will spring to life at some point!
In 2023, when will Mercury be in retrograde?
January 18, 2023 until December 29, 2022
We should think about our obligations as communicators while this Mercury retrograde occurs in Capricorn. As Mercury joins Venus in Capricorn, talks about ideals and expectations are sparked, and there may even be a hint of flirtation or friendliness. Venus and Mercury complement each other's pleasant natures, thus this retrograde may make us want for a joyful reconnection with the past.
Capricorn has a reputation for being highly conventional and set in their ways. The subject of this retrograde, who coincides with the celebration of the New Year and finds us gazing to the future and visualising our plans and aspirations, may be remembering the "good old days."
By the time this Mercury retrograde finishes on January 18, the sun will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, putting us in a position where we may be able to draw from a vast reservoir of inner strength and resources as we face the future—and therefore, our anxieties of the unknowable.

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May 14, 2023 to April 21, 2023
Due to the Taurus location of this Mercury retrograde, we may find ourselves losing things or regaining things that we thought were gone. Our ideals and possessions may be hot themes of discussion.
Saturn in Pisces may force us to face restrictions or discipline in our spirituality, while Pluto in Aquarius indicates that the shadow of our societal relationship to technology may be revealed.
Beginning with Mercury conjunct the moon in Taurus at the beginning of April's Mercury retrograde, it is important to grasp what is required to feel grounded and entire. It comes to a close with Mars in Cancer moving toward an opposition to Pluto, which has the potential to stir up deeply rooted behaviour! Additionally, with Mercury square Venus, we are learning how to interpret and express our emotions. As this retrograde cycle comes to a conclusion, Neptune and the moon are also linked, giving this retrograde cycle a redeeming, forgiving tone. Although Neptune, the planet of illusion, aids in the rotation of the moon, the planet of remembrance, the moon never forgets.
Radical astrological changes will occur in the skies in 2023: Pluto will be in Aquarius after spending the last eight years in Capricorn. After being in Aquarius since 2020, Saturn will be in Pisces in 2019. It may be an entirely new planet!
September 15, 2023 to August 23, 2023
Mercury is retrograde in Virgo at this time, which encourages a thorough reevaluation of every aspect. Pluto enters Capricorn at its beginning, reintroducing extremes in terms of power, command, and huge business. Mercury withdraws from its encounter with Mars: After some hasty judgements, decisions may need to be reevaluated. It could be possible to revisit a contentious topic and get fresh insight. The sun and Saturn are getting close to an opposition, which might make us feel micromanaged or scrutinised in our jobs or with regard to our obligations. Limitations or rejections may be made, yet on occasion, hearing "no" might be a relief.
During this time, Venus is retrograde in Leo, prompting us to reexamine our self-perception and consider our self-worth. The sun opposes Neptune, giving us a fresh perspective on reality, while Mercury opposes Saturn, forcing us to make a difficult, mature decision as this Mercury retrograde comes to a close.
January 1 through December 13, 2023
We are being urged to strike a balance between optimism and indifference during this Mercury retrograde, which starts in Capricorn and concludes in Sagittarius at the beginning of the new year. The situation cannot be that binary. We could change our objectives and ambitions, as well as the duties we desire to assume.
The beginning of the retrograde is marked by Mercury's harmonic trine to Jupiter in Taurus, which promotes an increase in learning and knowledge, and by the sun's impending square to Neptune, which challenges our prejudices. Don't forget any important facts.
Mercury is almost square Neptune and the moon as this retrograde comes to a close, which may cause us to fix trivial errors and try to avoid being misinterpreted.
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