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Food Guide For Sun Signs

Myjyotish Expert Updated 15 Oct 2020 02:22 PM IST
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The field of astrology is astoundingly wide. If you are a follower of astrology, you would be aware that astrological science can be very wide. From your favourite colour to your favourite food, all can be predicted through horoscopes and astrology.

Every individual has different likes and dislikes. The various astrological signs can help one predict which food is the most favourable as according to their sun signs.

  • Aries- Aries are fond of spicy, refreshing and aromatic food. They like to have a variety of tastes in their food. They tend to get bored easily and that is why mundane food is a big no-no for them.

  • Taurus- They love sensual and luxurious food items such as rich chocolates and food rich in tastes.

  • Gemini- They love to explore international cuisines. French cuisine is their favourite and they even consider it as a weakness.

  • Cancer- They are all for comfort and peace. They would always prefer drinking a bowl of soup sitting on their couches instead of going out.

  • Leo- Leos love food items that are rich in tastes.

  • Virgo- They love to stick to the nature and love earthy food items such as soya bean and salad always works for them.

  • Libra- They have a knack for sweets and desserts. They love exploring the different flavours of a food item while tasting them.

  • Scorpio- Scorpios have a deep love for food and its aroma. They love rich flavours like curry,

  • Sagittarius- Sagittarius love adventure and exploring places. Anything that is extraordinary will capture the attention of a Sagittarius. 

  • Capricorn- The key to impress these people is through an exotic wine and they will be In for it any point of the day.

  • Aquarius- These people love the feeling of home and for them, nothing can be as good as homemade food.

  • Pisces- These people love seafood and will always love a little bit of spice in their food.

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