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Ganga dussehra 2022: Follow these miraculous remedies to get desired fruit of your worship

My jyotish expert Updated 09 Jun 2022 10:12 AM IST
Ganga dussehra
Ganga dussehra - Photo : Google

Ganga Dussehra 2022: Do this remedy on the day of Ganga Dussehra, you will get the desired fruit 


In Hinduism, Ganga Dussehra is extremely important. This year, Ganga Dussehra falls on June 9th. The river Ganga flowed from Lord Shiva's hair on this day, according to folklore, after Bhagirathi's penance. The Hindu calendar dates Ganga Dussehra to the tenth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Jyeshta. Mother Ganga is said to have arrived on Earth on this day.

Mother Ganga is said to have emerged from Brahma Ji’s Kamandal and landed on Earth, according to Hindu legend. Ganga had no choice but to arrive because of Bhagirathi's intense penance. Ganga had a position in heaven before coming to earth. These are the holiest rivers in the world. Bhagirathi is claimed to have summoned the Ganges River to earth to save her forefathers.

On this day, the first thing you should do when you get up takes a plunge in the Ganges. If you are unable to visit the Ganges on this day, you may bathe in the name of Ganga Ji in a neighboring pond.

On this day, donations are made according to their ability. If this isn't an option, you can take a bath by combining Ganga water with your bathing water.

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On the day Ganga arrived on Earth, 10 auspicious yogas were developed, according to legend. And it is because of them that 10 of man's sins have been eradicated. As a result, this day is known as Dussehra. It is possible to be free of sins.

While taking a bath, recite this mantra: * Om Namah Shivay Narayanayai Dosharayai Gangai Namah


* Another option is to recite Om Gangai Namah.

Bathing in the Ganges is considered meritorious. Please let us know what steps we should do now to alleviate our predicament —


* On this day, bathing in the Ganges washes away all sins. Do the Ganga Ji aarti after bathing? And I pray to her that, like you, mother, she maintains her calm in our lives.

* On this day, after taking a bath in the Ganges River, you should go to the temple and anoint the Shivling, then save a bit of the anointing water and sprinkle it throughout your home. Negative energy is expelled from the dwelling as a result of this action. Money also enters the residence.


* On this day, if you are having issues at work or in business, you should take an earthen pot. Fill the pitcher halfway with water, then add a few drops of Ganga water and sugar. Then give it to the less fortunate. It is hoped that by doing so, the job's hurdle would be erased.

* If you wish to get rid of debt, measure the length of your black thread, wrap it in a coconut, and place it in front of Shivling on this day. Also, pray to God to help you solve your difficulty. Take a black thread from the coconut in the evening and dip it in the water. While using this technique, keep your back to the wall. It is said that by doing so, one can get rid of troubles.

* If you have an illness, you should bathe in the Ganges and say the mantra Vish Nashinyai Jivanayai Namostu Te, Taap Traya Sanhannyai Praneshyay Te Namo Namah 11 times on this day. By doing so, one can live a disease-free life.


* If you're having financial difficulties, take a bath and plant a tree on this day. You will be able to escape the financial catastrophe by doing so. Planting a tree is thought to appease Goddess Lakshmi.

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