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Gemology Tip 2023: This gemstone will protect you from bad effects of planets, read

Sweksha Sweksha Updated 27 Jan 2023 03:49 PM IST
Peridot gemstone
Peridot gemstone - Photo : google
Gemology: This gemstone can protect from the bad effects of planets; know its benefits.

Gemology is mentioned in astrology, but special attention needs to be paid to the selection of gems very carefully. Gems are not just a means to enhance beauty; they also contain supernatural power. Along with this, gems also have a unique ability to make human life happy and blissful. Today we are going to talk about such a gem, which is related to planets like Shani, Rahu, and Ketu. This gem related to these planets is Lajvart. In Ratna Shastra, the relation of this stone has been told with all three planets.

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Wearing Lajvart develops memory power. Along with this, concentration also increases. This gemstone is also very helpful in protecting against the bad effects of planets.Let us know about the benefits related to this gem:
Effects of lapis lazuliIt is advised to wear sapphire for Saturn, onyx for Rahu, and garlic for Ketu. But do you know that only by wearing Lajvarta Ratna can you get auspicious results from these three planets? Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu all become stronger by wearing this one stone. Along with this, auspicious effects of these planets are also obtained. The colour of lapis lazuli is deep blue. Light blue stripes are also visible in it.
Its colour is similar to the blue colour of a peacock's neck. It is believed that Shani, Rahu, and Ketu, all three planets, are sacrificed by wearing this. This gemstone is found in many places around the world.

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Benefits of wearing Lajvart

:According to astrology, people who have auspicious Saturn in their horoscope can wear Lajvart. Along with this, the people of Capricorn and Aquarius can wear Lajvart. On the other hand, if Rahu-Ketu is auspicious in the horoscope, then it can also be worn gracefully. Wearing this gem develops mental ability. The mind remains calm. Along with this comes clarity in the mind. This is where the development of effort takes place. Along with this, for the persons associated with teaching work, this gem increases their abilities, and they concentrate their full attention on their work.
Concentration increases by using this stone. The habit of remembering things increases. It is also beneficial in works related to psychology. Also, it is better to use this stone in the room of students who are weak in studies. This stone is a factor in increasing intelligence and knowledge.
Along with this, this gem is also used for success in the workplace. By wearing this stone, Pitra Dosh is pacified.
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