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Gemstone Astrology2022: When difficulty is on the way, this gem change its color.

My Jyotish Expert Updated 24 May 2022 07:59 PM IST
Turquoise Stone
Turquoise Stone - Photo : Google
trouble is going to come on him in the future, then the color of this gem changes. We are talking about the turquoise stone, which is of deep-sky color. It has been told in astrology about which people should wear it and who should not, today we will give you the same information.

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 Who can wear it?

Firoza stone can be worn on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday after seeing any auspicious time. This gem is considered the best for the people of Sagittarius. Now let's talk about who can wear it.
Those who are facing misfortune in life can wear this gem. Because this gem is a gem to convert misfortune into good luck. Wearing it increases wealth, happiness, and prosperity in life.
Many people want money. At the same time, many people want to respect and respect. Those who want that should get respect in the society, those people should wear Firoza gem. This will increase your confidence and people will respect you.

Help in finding a life partner
 Everyone wants a life partner, but in the horoscope of some people, the sum of marriage is formed for a long time and with difficulty. The proper reason for the delay in marriage can be ascertained by looking at the horoscope. In such a situation, those who want to get married and their marriage is getting delayed, should wear the turquoise stone. This stone can also be worn by those people who desire love and happiness in married life.

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Help in Job& Career
 Everyone wants to get success in their job and career. In such a situation, if we tell you that there is such a gem that can give you success in your job and career, then it is not a lie. Wearing turquoise gemstones gives success in job and career. Actors, artists, filmmakers, architects, doctors, and engineers can wear this gem. Those who are active in the field of art can also wear this gem. If he is in difficulty or will be in trouble in the future, the color of this diamond will change. The turquoise stone has a rich sky hue.

Help with your various health problems
The Firoza gemstone is one such stone that promotes mental tranquility. As a result, persons seeking peace of mind should wear this stone. It is also stated that persons who are mentally ill might benefit from wearing this gem.
Wearing this stone can help with respiratory problems, high blood pressure, and depression. This stone is regarded as extremely strong because it protects whoever wears it from bad spirits.

Who can’t wear it?

Those who use alcohol should not wear this gem, even if it is by accident, since they may be subjected to its bad effects. If you have a strong sense of ego or conceit, this stone should be avoided.
This gem is recommended for those who have a weak Jupiter planet. People with a strong Jupiter planet, on the other hand, should not wear it without consulting an astrologer beforehand.

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