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God is real or formless.

Priestess Dr. HS Rawat Updated 03 Apr 2021 04:40 PM IST
blogs - Photo : Myjyotish
On this question, the religions of the world are divided into two parts. Some people say that God is real, and some say that he is formless. Both have their own arguments. But Hindu Sanatan philosophy says that God is real. Because the formless God cannot create real things. Only realization can create shape. He who does not come and have knowledge, cannot create a corporeal form. If it was formless, then 84 lakh people would not need eyes. Because there is no need to see the formless. Everything in nature and the universe is in shape. Even if you remember the formless in meditation, even in meditation, any light appears in the form of a form. Wisdom always remembers the corporeal and not the formless. Only real things are accumulated in the inner body, not formless. There are molecules and atoms, but these are not visible with the eyes. Isn't their size. The soul is very subtle, but it is not visible with these eyes. But those who can see with their real eyes can see the same. But some part of the world is such that it is visible from the divine point of view. There are 2 sciences in Hinduism- 1- Para-science and 2- Apara-Vigyan. There is a view of para science which is not visible with these eyes, but that thing must happen in nature. To see God requires divine vision. Because the sky element is predominant among all the five elements, therefore God is not visible. Those are particles in particles. Therefore, a yogi and a sage who knows the sky element, the air element, he knows the form of God. And the divine vision comes from yoga practice and samadhi. Lord Krishna had shown Arjuna the form of God in divine terms. Therefore, God is real for yogis with divine vision. And for those who do not have experience of trans science or try to see God in a scientific way, it is formless.

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