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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Goddess baglamukhi : Know devotion of goddess pitambari miraculous outcomes.

Goddess baglamukhi : Know the devotion of goddess pitambari miraculous outcomes.

My Jyotish Expert Updated 11 May 2022 03:24 PM IST
Goddess baglamukhi : Know the devotion of goddess pitambari miraculous outcomes.
Goddess baglamukhi : Know the devotion of goddess pitambari miraculous outcomes. - Photo : Google
In Tantra Sadhana, Goddess Baglamukhi, also known as Pitambari Mata, has a prominent position. Devi is one of the ten Mahavidya goddesses or goddesses of wisdom. She is also known as the Pillar Goddess, as she possesses the ability to control and stabilize foes. She is represented as a fearsome goddess with a sword in her right hand and a demon's tongue in her left. Pitambari Devi is the name given to her because of her golden skin, yellow clothing, and the fact that she sits on a golden throne.

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The benefits of Goddess chanting and sadhna are great for overall life growth. Special prayers are given at Shaktipeeths across the country on the occasion of Baglamukhi Jayanti. The Ashtami festival of Shukla Paksha in Vaishakh month is considered a good time to worship Shakti.
Negative forces are destroyed by Goddesses.
Devi possesses enormous power over demons, negative energies, and chaotic events, which she uses to her advantage. Illusion, ego and desire, wrath, greed, and attachment are all banished by worshipping the Goddess and doing her mantra sadhna. Enemies are eliminated. Her devotion is thought to have a great ability in removing harmful influences and winning over foes. Those participating in discussions or studying for competitive exams will benefit much from his adoration. People who are experiencing financial loss or troubles, business losses, debt issues, professional barriers, false professional obstacles, litigation issues, or fake court cases might greatly benefit from his worship.

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Datia Dham is the well-known Dham of Goddess Baglamukhi Dham in Madhya Pradesh
Datia Dham is the well-known Dham of Goddess Baglamukhi Dham, also known as Pitambara P, in the city of Datia, Madhya Pradesh, India. This Dham is related to numerous mythical and historical legends. Shri Pitambara Peeth, one of Baglamukhi's most prominent temples, was founded by Shri Swamiji in the 1920s. Within the ashram, he has also built a temple dedicated to Goddess Dhumavati. Dhumavati and Baglamukhi are two of the ten Mahavidyas, and there are temples dedicated to other gods across the ashram's vast grounds.

Benefits of Worship
Baglamukhi Puja's benefits include ensuring victory over opponents and destroying their ill intentions. In litigation, quarrels, and contests, success is attained. Goddess worship can help you get rid of the effects of the evil eye and black magic. Accidents, sickness, and harmful energy are all protected. It aids in debt repayment and gives wealth and stability. Peace is the absence of all disputes and quarrels.
For productive results, Baglamukhi Puja should be done by qualified priests or highly experienced and qualified priests under the tutelage of a guru.
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