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Hanuman Chalisa: Know how to read, significant care & honor of Hanuman ji

My Jyotish Expert Updated 02 May 2022 08:01 AM IST
Lord Hanuman
Lord Hanuman - Photo : Google
In Hinduism, the Hanuman Chalisa is unique. Hanuman ji is lauded in this. Bajrangbali worshippers chant Hanuman Chalisa daily. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, some individuals recite the Hanuman Chalisa. Hanumanji followers repeat Hanuman Chalisa with zeal, yet they frequently make mistakes due to a lack of understanding of how to read Hanuman Chalisa correctly. If you're not making any mistakes in the text of Hanuman Chalisa, read this post thoroughly to learn more about it, since now we'll show you how to read Hanuman Chalisa correctly:

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The pooja of Hanuman Ji necessitates significant care
Because Bajrangbali will not allow any form of neglect in his devotion, much care is exercised in his worship. As a result, whenever you recite Hanuman Chalisa, do so at a set time so that your mind may sit down to recite it anytime it wishes. First and first, pay attention to the cleanliness and purity of the place where you are reciting Hanuman Chalisa, whether it is in a temple or place of worship in your house or any pilgrimage region.
Hanuman Chalisa should be read at all times
Nobody should do anything in happiness; if someone praises in happiness, why should there be sorrow? This couplet is ideal for individuals who chant Hanuman Chalisa just while they are in distress and then stop reciting it after the crisis has passed. This should not be done; instead, recite Hanuman Chalisa at both happy and sad times. Bajrangbali is also known as Sankat Mochan since he is the one who helps his worshippers overcome their problems. If you chant Hanuman Chalisa in the devotion of Hanuman Ji regularly, you will be free of grief, catastrophe, and obstacles.

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How to honor Hanuman Ji
When reciting the Hanuman Chalisa, remember to first purify Hanuman Ji's statue with pure Ganges water, and then serve them your favorite blog while wearing a Tulsi garland or Janeu, with full devotion to Shri Ram Ji and Hanuman Ji. The lecture should begin with an invocation. If you don't have this material, you can also pray to God with the word Suman. God is aware of the devotees' faith. Your words Suman will also accomplish the task of Tulsi garland, Janeu, and Bhog if you have complete trust in your heart.

How to read Hanuman chalisa
Keep in mind that when reciting Hanuman Chalisa, your voice should not be too high or too low; Hanuman Chalisa should be said appropriately in a medium voice. When reading Hanuman Chalisa, many individuals do not read the couplets written in it. This is a bad practice; couplets are a component of Hanuman Chalisa, and if you omit them, you're repeating an incomplete Hanuman Chalisa. As a result, the Hanuman Chalisa should be performed in couplets throughout. Hanuman Chalisa is recommended to be performed at least once a day. Offer Hanumanji's nappies after 40 days of regular recitation of Hanuman Chalisa.

During the devotion of Hanuman Ji, females must take special care
Because Bajrangbali practices celibacy, people who adore him should likewise practice celibacy, purity, purity, and cleanliness. It is stated that because Hanuman Ji is a celibate, ladies should not adore him. However, if a lady worships Hanuman Ji or is chanting the Hanuman Chalisa, she should remember not to touch the Hanuman Ji statue.
In the Hanuman Chalisa, there is a verse that says, "Tulsidas Sada Hari Chera Kijai Nath Hriday Manh Dera." Many individuals do not pronounce their names and instead use Tulsidas Ji's name. If you pronounce your name incorrectly here, you will not be able to benefit from reciting Hanuman Chalisa. Every devotion in Hinduism begins with the lighting of a lamp. Similarly, before reciting Hanuman Chalisa, light the candle. It should be made using red cotton wick and jasmine or pure desi ghee. The statue of Hanuman Ji should always be erected by draping red cloth over a wooden plate, and believers should sit on Kush's seat and recite or worship Hanuman Chalisa.
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