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If you also take wrong decision, then know astrologer reason and remedy

Myjyotish expert Updated 12 Mar 2022 11:38 AM IST
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If you also take wrong decision, then know astrologer reason and remedy

There are good and bad times in life. In such a situation, you need to take the right decision. But sometimes all the decisions taken turn out to be wrong. Today we will tell you the astrological reason for this, due to which planet it happens. Also, will tell the measures by which you can improve the situation.

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To be successful in life it is necessary to take the right decision at the right time. Because one wrong decision leads life to failure.
But many times, such planetary yogas are being formed in our horoscope, due to which we are not able to take the right spread. Let us know that according to astrology, under which circumstances the person is not able to take the right decisions.

 People whose main planet is weak, they take wrong decisions. Or those people whose moon is bad, such people are also not able to take the right decision in their life. There is also a great lack of self-confidence in the decision-making ability of such people.

People whose Moon is weak, they find the advice of the front to be false or wrong, due to which they do not trust their words and take wrong decisions.
The debilitating moon planet gives a lot of trouble to the person in taking decisions. In this situation, the person feels a lot of stress in taking decisions. Even the person does not trust the advice of his spouse. Also, in such a situation, the person keeps changing his decisions time and again.

He is not able to decide a decision which is his final decision and due to this tension and nervousness he gets the idea of changing the decision every little time and finally he takes a wrong decision which brings a lot of troubles in life.

It has been talked about the reason of the planets, now let's talk about how you can find out by looking at the hand, the ability to take someone's decision, then people whose fingers are bigger than the palm, such people take very wrong decisions. Also, if a person's thumb is small or bent forward, then such people also take wrong decisions.

Now we know about the measures by which a person can strengthen his decision-making ability and can prove to be helpful in taking the right decision.
In such a situation, people who take wrong decisions should take advice of those people whose Moon or Jupiter is strong. Meditation is an important practice; it develops the ability to make decisions. You should meditate and whenever you are feeling confused, chant Om facing the middle of the North-East direction.

The best solution is when you are taking a big decision, then take the decision by considering God as an adoration or go to the shelter of your guru and take a decision with his advice.
Keep in mind that whenever you take a decision, keep your mind calm, do not take decisions in anger and impatience. Also, do not decide on Aries, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces Ascendant. If you want to take any big decision, then take Taurus, Leo and Scorpio in the marriage.


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