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Ways to protect the house from evil eye

Myjyotish expert Updated 28 Mar 2022 06:06 PM IST
house protect from evil eye
house protect from evil eye - Photo : google
Nazar dosha is such a negative energy that is considered capable of destroying any object. Evil eye defect is not related to just seeing, it is a defect affecting every part of life, by which no aspect of a person is exempted. When an evil eye falls on an object, then it is in a lot of trouble, that place for one reason or the other or the life, health, happiness, money etc.

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Because of evil eye, unnecessary problems arise in the life of the person. During this, his work deteriorates, he is only disappointed in every field. Therefore, to avoid the evil eye, people chant mantras and resort to other measures. Apart from this, people take many measures to avoid the evil eye. It is generally believed that this destroys the positive energy of a person, whatever he does, he must suffer.

There is a decrease in the happiness of the house, there are obstacles in the work. It is important to know the remedies to remove and prevent the evil eye, which are very effectively described in astrology: -

Astrological remedies to avoid evil eye:

acts of charity
To reduce the effect of evil eye, donating seven grains i.e., seven types of grains and worship works like Havan etc. are considered auspicious, due to which the troubles of the house can be removed.
Therefore, donating food grains keeping the number of seven and the work related to worship also becomes unfavourable to the positivity, which protects the house from bad effects. Its use is very auspicious.
Navagraha Puja

The effect of the nine planets is very effective in the life of every person, the nine planets have a very special role in operating the life element. It is necessary to worship Sun, Soma, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Shuk, Shani, Rahu, Ketu among the nine planets. Naya Graha Mantra Jaap Darshan ends eye defects. The house gets a protective cover.
equipment installation

The use of yantra is also considered a very useful remedy for pacifying eyesight. If you keep a Shree Yantra in the house, then its effect makes positive energy flow. Worshiping it removes negative effects. Cleanliness should be taken care of in Shree Yantra Puja. One who worships this yantra gets auspicious results. Establishment of Yantra at home gives very good results.

wearing rudraksha

Rudraksha is considered a very useful remedy for the peace of eyesight. Rudra arising from the eyes of Lord Shiva is said to be a sure-fire remedy to remove all kinds of evil eye defects. Worshiping Rudraksh and wearing it ends bad results in all respects. At the time of Shukla Paksha, by worshiping it at home, its vitality increases, and the adversities present around it also end. It becomes a very effective remedy for evil eye defect.

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