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Janam Kundli: Know your future and how to find your life partner

MyJyotish Expert Updated 13 Feb 2022 10:24 PM IST
Janam Kundali
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What is horoscope and the importance of birth chart? 

Janam Kundli is used to get future related information in Hinduism. The method of making it may be different in different places, but the mathematics used while calculating it is almost everywhere predetermined. In this, it is made based on the time, date, and place of birth of the person, from which the scholars of astrology try to know the future or future situations. From this birth chart, the faults etc. of the person are found out. It is very important to match the birth chart before marriage, because of this the qualities found in the couple are found out.  

The movement of planets in the sky is continuous and these nine planets exert good and bad effects on our life in different ways. Janam Kundli is the journal in which the planets and constellations of that time are recorded on paper systematically based on our time of birth, date, and place of birth.

There are twelve houses in the birth chart and each house has a zodiac sign because the number of houses and signs is the same. The zodiac sign that rises at the time of birth is placed in the first house of the horoscope.

After the amount placed in the first house, the remaining zodiac signs are entered the horoscope by keeping them in reverse order. In East, North and South Indian locations, there are different ways of making a horoscope, but the basic information and method of preparation is the same. According to their convenience, many people get big horoscopes made and many small ones.

In both types of birth journals, it is written in the same way, but in larger magazines, it is written in advance by making additional calculations of planets and zodiac signs according to the constellations. So that the time of the person can be saved and in the same way, the future is estimated after calculating those with small birth charts.

One thing you should pay special attention to while preparing the birth chart is the exact time of birth. The more accurately you tell your time, the more accurately your future will be known. The speed of the planets is quick, so while making a horoscope, their calculation reaches to a fraction of a second.

The twelve houses of the birth chart predict every area of human life. This shows the faults, thoughts and thinking of the natives. First, the Manglik Dosh is seen well. This dosha of Mars has a terrible effect on marriage, so finding out this dosha is very important for married life.

By matching the horoscope, the relationship formed between the two is seen in different areas and the direction and dasha of the planets and stars of both are seen. Apart from this, the possibilities of children and happiness are found out by astrological calculations. Only after all this the decision of marriage is taken.

If we talk in the language of astrology, then according to the planets of the person and the caste, the qualities are mixed. For marriage, it is necessary to meet at least 22 gunas of both and each person has 36 gunas. It is auspicious to get married if you get 22 or more gunas.

Apart from this, if 36 of 36 qualities of a couple are getting mixed, then that marriage is not considered right. The marriage of the people suffering from Manglik Dosh is also done with Manglik. It can detect this defect only from the horoscope. Therefore, it is mandatory to match the horoscope before marriage.

Astrology believes that the life of a person goes according to the position and direction of the planets. Based on these planets, signs and constellations, critical events in human life can be detected in advance and their adverse effects can be reduced or even eliminated by taking measures. Astrology is a science by which we have been able to make birth charts. It is a boon given by our sages and it has great importance in our life.


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