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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Jupiter Transit 2022-Gold prices to soar high, the transit of Jupiter will bring this change

Jupiter Transit 2022-Gold prices to soar high, the transit of Jupiter will bring this change

My Jyotish Expert Updated 03 Feb 2022 01:12 PM IST
jupiter transit gold price surge
jupiter transit gold price surge - Photo : google
Jupiter Transit 2022-Gold prices to soar high, the transit of Jupiter will bring this change

If we talk about gold in metals, then its effect is very much associated with Sun and Jupiter in astrology because these planets have been considered to be ruling over gold in metals. Along with this, other planets also have an effect on this metal in their own way, but from a clear point of view, the profit and loss related to gold is obtained by Jupiter and Sun and mainly by Jupiter because Jupiter has a long transiting effect. Therefore, changes related to gold have a profound effect on all of us. Apart from this, the position of Rahu Ketu and other planets becomes responsible for the changes happening on it. If we talk about the last two years, then when the transit of Jupiter was affected, then there has been a sudden jump and fall in the prices of gold. Economists know the reason for the rapid decline or upsurge in the prices of gold from futures trading policies and changes, but in astrology, the position of Medini astrological constellations and Jupiter is going to have a great impact on it.

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Strong transit of Jupiter
When Jupiter's transit is in its strength, then this condition is very important for gold Time has been affected by the position of Jupiter with Rahu and Ketu in transit, then the zodiac and then the transit of Jupiter's debilitated position are such things which are going to spoil his position.

Weak Jupiter indicates fall in gold
In fact, the reason for the falling of gold in the market like this is nothing but the position of Jupiter. The law of astrology is that when Jupiter is in its debilitated sign, then there is a decline in the economy and an increase in the incidence of economic crime. There is luck in Jupiter Kalpurush as well as there is expenditure and rate of growth is also there, so when they are debilitated then the investors of their respective sector like market have to face adverse situations.
The setting of Jupiter, being retrograde or being in the enemy constellation with the malefic effects of the planet becomes a powerful influence on the position of gold in the world economy. The volatility of gold affects thousands of investors.
Now it can come again in gold
Now this situation is going to end because due to the position of Jupiter's transit in March, there will be time for gold rush and till May this situation will be affected but after that it may decline again and after November it is expected to bounce back. If found, then the change in gold prices in the coming time will affect everyone.


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