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Jyotish Remedies: Know which days of the week & color of clothing are auspicious to wear

My Jyotish Expert Updated 14 May 2022 06:58 PM IST
Jyotish Remedies: Know which days of the week & color of clothing are auspicious to wear
Jyotish Remedies: Know which days of the week & color of clothing are auspicious to wear - Photo : Google
If you too often get wondering what color clothes to wear or what type of clothes to wear today. So today we have come up with the solution to your problem. Today we are going to tell you some such things, according to which you can decorate your entire week's wardrobe and keep it in advance. Whatever color of clothes we wear has a profound effect on our life. Some colors provide coolness while some increased energy. But, there are some colors that keep the heart heavy. In such a situation, if you wear clothes according to the color of each fin of the week, then your mind will be cheerful and you will feel good. Today we will tell you which day of the week and which clothes should be worn or what color clothes should be avoided.

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The first day of the week is Sunday. Wearing cream-colored clothes on Sunday is considered best. If you want, you can add colors like pink, golden or light orange with this, but forgetting blue, black, gray or brown clothes should not be worn on Sunday.
Monday is the second day of the week. On this day black and bright red clothes should not be worn. On Monday, you can wear white-colored clothes or light-colored clothes. Try that whatever clothes you wear must have white color.
The day Tuesday is related to the planet Mars and this planet is considered to be related to red color. Wearing red-colored clothes on this day is considered very auspicious. On Tuesday, you can wear any winning shades of pink or orange. Wearing bright green clothes should be avoided on this day. If you are thinking of other colors besides red-pink, you can add cream or lemon yellow to this list.

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Wearing green clothes on Wednesday is considered best. Because this day is related to the planet Mercury and the color of this planet is considered green. If you are worried about how to wear color for the office, then you can wear pistachio color or light green on Wednesday. With this, you can wear gray or black in combination. Keep in mind that never wear black color from the waist to the upper part, you should wear this color only on the bottom, such as in the form of pants or pajamas.
Everyone knows that wearing yellow clothes on Thursday is considered the best. On this day, you can wear clothes related to the color saffron or you can wear cream, white and pink colored clothes in combination with the same. Ethical dresses should be worn on Thursday as much as possible.
Friday is related to the planet Venus, so it is more advisable to wear party wear clothes on this day. One can wear gray, blue, black and light green clothes on this day. On this day you should wear some shining clothes but keep in mind that yellow-colored clothes should not be worn on this day.
Now let's talk about Saturday, the last day of the week. You can wear blue, black, gray and green clothes on this day. But keep in mind that on Saturday you do not have to wear red color nor wear a combination of black and red. You can also wear square and striped clothes on this day.
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