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Know about the Astrological causes of eye disease and its remedies

MY JYOTISH EXPERT Updated 07 Jun 2021 02:21 PM IST
Astrological Remedies for eye disease
Astrological Remedies for eye disease - Photo : Google

Astrological causes of eye disease and its remedies

The idea of the second house of the horoscope is to estimate the position of a person's eyes. In that too, the second sense is seen for the right eye and the double sense for the left eye. Yet the second gesture is seen specifically for the eyes.

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Now if we talk about planets, then both the sun and the lunar are light planets. Hence the position of the lunar is seen to study the right eye and the left eye from the Sun. Therefore, if there is a sun in the second house of the horoscope and there is a lunar position in the twelfth house, then the person is likely to get eye disease.

The position of Mars in the second house of the horoscope is not considered favorable according to eye health. If there is Mars in this house, then one can give serious eye disease to the person. Here the position of Mars also gives the person eye surgery, or the person may have to apply lifelong glasses or contact lenses.

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Similarly, inauspicious planets in the second and twelfth house are the indicator of eye diseases. Other astrological causes of getting eye disease are as follows-

The eyes of a person whose Venus is situated in the second place in the horoscope are beautiful and full of bright sight. But if the position of the lord of the second house is weak in the horoscope or it is in the triangles, then Venus is not able to give its full results in the eye matters.

If the position of Saturn is in the second house, then there is a possibility of a person having diseases related to the eyes. The person's site can be very week.

The position of Rahu / Ketu in the twelfth place indicates eye-related incidents which can take place.

Astrological ways to improve eyesight.

TV, mobile, pollution, useless food and drink are some of the things that can make your eyes week. People take various measures to remove eyeglasses & to improve their eyesight. Some remedies are also mentioned in astrology. By following these remedies, your eyesight improves & heart-related problems also end.

Sun has been given importance in astrology for a healthy eye and heart. Therefore, according to astrology, the sun should be strong in your horoscope to increase for the bright eye.

Chaakshushopanishad reciting
In ancient times, Sage monks used to grow old, but still, their eyes used to be healthy. This is because they used to recite the Chakshushopanishad (Chakshushi Vidya). It is believed that by reciting it all the disorders related to the eyes are removed. This should be done after offering water to Suryadev.

Offer water to Sun with Copper pot
As per astrology, keep the copper pot near the head. Now offer that water to Suryadev and watch the sunlight from that falling water. By doing this, the eyesight will improve. Also, there will be no heart disease.

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Sweet food
In astrology, Sunday is considered the day of the Sun. According to this, having sweet food or fruit on Sunday will benefit the eyesight and heart. Avoid eating salt on this day.

Chanting the mantra
‘ओम ह्रां ह्रीं हौं स: सूर्याय नम:’: This is the Tantric mantra of the Sun. By chanting it 108 times daily, the eyesight will improve. You must do this after offering water to Suryadev.

Copper pot water

Put water in a copper vessel at night. In the morning, spray it on the eyes, as per astrology, this remedy will increase your eyesight. Apart from this, you can also drink copper vessel water.

While worshiping God, watch the burning lamp with full concentration.

While worshiping, keep the eyes open and look at God’s idol.

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