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Astrology 2022:Know about the special Lamp, which is Auspicious and brings Good fortune

My Jyotish Expert Updated 15 Apr 2022 08:35 PM IST
April 2022:- changes in zodiac signs
April 2022:- changes in zodiac signs - Photo : Google
In Hinduism, every material has its own importance in worship recitation and there are some special rules related to it. For example, only mango wood is used for the havan. In the same way, the lamp also has special importance in worship. Whether you worship at home or worship some big rituals, incense lamps are definitely shown to God. In such a situation, it becomes very important to know which lamp is considered the most auspicious in worship and what are the traditions associated with it. Today we will tell you which lamp is most auspicious for worship and what are the traditions associated with it.

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In this way, different lamps are seen in the temple. Brass, bronze, copper, and clay lamps of all these are easily available in the market, but flour lamps have their own importance. A flour lamp is considered very auspicious. The most basic item for making Atta Diya is Atta which is made from wheat Wheat is such a food that is blessed by Mother Annapurna. It is said that by lighting a flour lamp, one automatically gets the blessings of Mother Annapurna. Due to the blessings of Mother Annapurna, the flour lamp is considered sacred.
 Now let's talk about some of the reasons why the lamp of flour is lit. The first reason for lighting a lamp of flour is its purity and purity. Lamps made of other metals and even earthen lamps are not more pure and holy than the lamps made of flour. Special care is taken of purity and purity in the worship text, so it is auspicious to light a lamp of flour.
 If you have any wish and you want it to be fulfilled, then you should light a lamp made of flour, you should light a Panchmukhi lamp made of flour on five Tuesdays in the temple of Hanumanji. This will fulfill your wish. Even in tantric rituals, flour lamps are used. Flour lamps are used in various ways in worship. For example, for the peace of the planet Saturn, a flour lamp is lit in a Hanuman temple on Tuesday or Saturday. So for the peace of Mars, jasmine oil is lit in the flour lamp.
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In astrology also, it has been told about the floor lamp, according to astrology, the sequence of flour lamps starts from 1 to 11. When you take a resolution, first of all, light a lamp, then 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on till 11. After that again come from 10, 9, 8, 7 to decrease 1 and light the lamp in this order.
It is believed that by lighting a flour lamp, one gets rid of debts, removes obstacles in marriage, and gets rid of problems like illness, childbirth, and home troubles.
Knead the flour lamp by adding a little yellow turmeric and then give it the shape of a lamp by hand and light the lamp by putting a wick of ghee or oil in it. It is said that it is very auspicious.
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