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Know astrological reasons why is Garuda Purana recited only at the time of death?

My Jyotish Expert Updated 07 Apr 2022 04:45 PM IST
Garuda Purana
Garuda Purana - Photo : Google

Know astrological reasons why is Garuda Purana recited only at the time of death?

Death is such a truth that neither one can escape nor one can deny it and keep oneself in the illusion of   immortality. It is the absolute truth that the human body is mortal and whoever has taken birth in this mortal body will have to leave this body one day or the other. But it is a matter of fact that while some people die as soon as they are born, some people get a long life, but this long life also has an end.

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According to the Puranas, it is said that a person who does good deeds in this life attains heaven after death, and those who do wrong deeds and support evil for the rest of their lives go to hell. By the way, it is also a fact that what happens to the soul after death, no one has been able to find the answer to this question yet. We accept and reject things only on the basis of beliefs. According to the beliefs, after the death of a human, certain rituals are followed, whose purpose is to reach the soul to its designated place without any trouble. The text of Garuda Purana is one of these rituals.
According to Hindu beliefs, Garuda is the king of birds and the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. For this reason the  Garuda is known as the child of Kashyap Rishi and his second wife Vinata. At the same time, Garuda asked Lord Vishnu many esoteric and mystical questions about the death of living beings, Yamlok Yatra, Naraka-Yonis and salvation. Apart from this, Lord Vishnu answered these questions while calming the curiosity of Garuda. The same questions of Garuda and the answers of Lord Vishnu are compiled in this Garuda Purana.

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In Sanatan Dharma, there is a law to listen to Garuda Purana after death. The type of hells and motions that have been told in Garuda Purana is true, if we talk about the various hells that are being punished on the basis of the deeds of a person in Garuda Purana. But these are symbolic, not real, although it is a matter of fact that similar consequences have to be faced in real life and these consequences are real and mental.
Many people are completely oblivious to why Garuda Purana is recited after death. If you are in the category of these people, then we tell you the reason, if you look at the composition of Garun Purana, then Garun Purana is clearly divided into two parts. In one part, a detailed description has been given about the forms of Vishnu and while in the other part, what happens to the soul after death has been mentioned.

In Garun Purana, the importance of rituals after death and Shradh  is also shown in this part. And how to do them correctly. It is believed that if Garun Purana is recited after death, then the soul of the dead person gets peace and freedom from the bondage of the earth. After the death of someone in the family, the Garun Purana is recited or performed by a Brahmin. In general, there are many questions related to birth and death in the heart of a common man, whose answer is hidden in the Garun Purana.

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After knowing the facts written in Garun Purana and the truth of death, family members get inspiration to move forward in life. Apart from this, the family members are motivated to move forward in the right direction. We have often heard this thing that we get the fruits of our good and bad deeds in this life, but according to Garuna Purana, after death, the soul also lives its good deeds and misdeeds.
In the Garuna Purana, not only the 24 incarnations of Shrihari have been mentioned, but their lives have also been shaped. Mantras of planets like Sun, Moon etc ,  importance of worshiping Shiva-Parvati, as well as things related to all the nine powers have also been told. The basis of Garuna Purana is the origin of Manu, the first human being on earth and the universe. Apart from this, Garun Purana is a compilation of Shiva-Parvati relationship, Surya Mantra, Saraswati, Indra etc.
On the death of someone, different apprehensions and questions start arising in the mind of the bereaved family members regarding life and death. Whose answers are found only and only in the Garun Purana. Therefore, after the death of someone, the Garun Purana is recited. Not only this, after getting the doubts and questions resolved, the family members get satisfied with all the activities and get inspiration to move forward in life.

But this does not mean at all that this Purana should be recited only after the death of someone, except that never. "It is said that if one false or wrong thing is said again and again, then the same thing becomes right and true." Something similar happened with Garuna Purana as well. Now you have come to know so much about Garun Purana that there is no possibility of any kind of inauspicious event happening in his life by keeping or listening to Garun Purana to a living person. Rather, by keeping, reading or listening to the Garun Purana, any living person gets auspicious results and the doors of heaven and salvation are opened for him forever.

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According to Garuda Purana, which things lead a person towards salvation, the use of Tulsi leaves and Kush leads a person towards liberation. By keeping the sanskars pure and by devotion, the effects of the misdeeds of a person end and the person reaches liberation. Apart from this, donating water and milk is also helpful in the welfare of the person. Even by the grace of the Guru, the punishments of a person are nullified and the person goes towards salvation.Should Garuda Purana be recited only at the time of one's death? Does Garuda Purana only create fear? If the Garuda Purana is recited with understanding, then it is best, only they can recite it at any time. By the way, it is best to recite it on Amavasya, understanding its meaning, it does not create fear at all. To understand the meaning of Garuda Purana, definitely read Gita along with it.
If Garuda Purana is seen from a positive point of view, then it inspires man towards good deeds, it shows how bad results in bad. Therefore, we should do good deeds so that everything goes well with us.
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