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Must know these thing before planting Tulsi plant in homes

Prerna PrernaPrerna Prerna Updated 30 Oct 2021 09:56 PM IST
Must know these thing before planting Tulsi plant in homes
Must know these thing before planting Tulsi plant in homes - Photo : My Jyotish Expert
Must know these thing before planting Tulsi plant in homes
Vastu Shastra is taken care of when we plan to build houses or purchase anything for the same, any work is done according to Vaastu Shastra, today we will discuss some special things related to the science of architecture, These things are related to your home, if taken care of will flourish your home with happiness and prosperity, we are going to talk about Tulsi, a plant full of medicinal properties also a symbol of people's faith. People of the Hindu religion worship Tulsi, the plant of Tulsi is found in almost every house. The Tulsi plant represents Mercury, a form of Lord Krishna, Tulsi is worshiped in every house, but if not kept in the right direction, may give inauspicious results. Five basil plants should be kept in the north and northeast direction of the house. This strengthens your financial position. In today's time, due to lack of space, people plant Tulsi on the top of their roof, but according to Vastu it is not considered inauspicious, due to this you may suffer monetary loss.
Keep these things in mind
• Tulsi plant is considered a symbol of faith as being full of medicinal properties. That is why you should know in which direction the Tulsi plant should be planted, according to Vastu Shastra, if you have a Tulsi plant in your house, then let us tell you that this plant should be kept in the north or north-east direction of the balcony or window of the house. These directions are believed to be the abode of gods and goddesses and auspicious to plant Tulsi.
• Keep in mind that cactus and thorny plants should never be kept aside from basil.
It is believed we should not pluck leaves of Tulsi even by mistake on Amavasya, Dwadashi, and Chaturdashi.
• Tulsi should not be plucked, worshipped, or offered water on Sundays.
• We should never break the plant of tulsi with a nail.
• If the Tulsi plant has dried up, it should not be kept in the house for a long time because it brings negativity.
• If the Tulsi plant has dried up, take it out of the pot and throw it in the river.
• It is believed that offering Tulsi leaves to the gods and goddesses during worship gives auspicious results.
 • Remember that you should not include leaves of Tulsi while worshipping Ganesh Ji.
Plant at these places if planting indoors
• Apart from the courtyard of the house, Tulsi can be planted in the kitchen. According to the beliefs, planting Tulsi in the kitchen removes strife and tribulation in the family.
• Tulsi plant should be planted in the north, east, or north-east direction in the house. Due to this, positive energy remains in the house. According to Vastu, Tulsi should not be kept in the south direction as this can have a negative effect on the house.
• If there is a loss in business, then keep Tulsi in the southwest corner and offer raw milk every Friday morning. Apart from this, offer sweets to tulsi and then give them to a married woman. This will benefit the business.
• If you are facing a problem in getting married, then put Tulsi in the angle of fire and offer water every day, marriage will happen soon.
5. By keeping the Tulsi near an east-facing window, if children are stubborn, then they will stop being stubborn.
6. There are many beliefs about not only breaking Tulsi but also about planting and worship. It should be kept in the middle of the courtyard of this house.

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