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Know the after effects of Rahu on your Health, Wealth and Life

MyJyotish expert Updated 24 Apr 2021 10:52 AM IST
Rahu - Photo : GOOGLE
Rahu is the biggest planet of diplomacy. Rahu gives success after struggle. It is clear from the horoscopes of many legends that Rahu is inauspicious to sit in the 12th house because it is the owner of prison and bondage. It either sends one to the mental asylum or to the hospital and jail. The house where Rahu sits in any horoscope gives its fruit in the 19th year and destroys it in the 20th year Rahu's age is 18 years old. Rahu Chandra creates anxiety when he is sitting together in any sense.

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Rahu does not have any sign of his own. The planet he sits with does three things there:
1👉 Dissipates all the power of that planet.
2👉 Takes away the power of the planet by himself.
3👉 In that sense it gives success after extreme struggle.

Due to Rahu a person has to face the following troubles:

1👉 Interruption in job and occupation.
2👉Mental stress and disturbance.
3👉 Sleepless nights.
4👉 Failure in exam. 
5👉 Missing concentration during work
6👉 Getting entangled in unbridled thoughts.
7👉 Sudden high expenditure of money or receiving money intermittently.
8👉 Work indiscreetly.
9👉 Friendship with the wicked and the wicked.
10👉 Stress between husband and wife and being related to lowly women.
11👉 Disease of the stomach and intestines.
12👉 Interruptions in the work being done. 
13👉 Police and legal troubles and punishment from the government.
14👉 Lack of home and material comforts
15👉 Negligence on behalf of money, character, health.
16👉 Coming under the influence of Black Magic.
17👉 Giving a fraudulent life partner with fake things.
18👉 Walking on the wrong path by showing interest in the occult disciplines.
19👉 Giving back-biting friends.
20👉 Creating a questionable situation between husband and wife, such as divorce.
21👉 Sexually terminated semen at an early age.

When Rahu is auspicious, one gets fame, respect, royalty and intellectual availability, but when Rahu is inauspicious, during the position of Rahu in the inner, direct and double feelings, a person has to face many kinds of troubles and hardships. Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Pisces zodiac signs are Rahu's friend and Cancer and Leo are enemies. This planet deals with enmity with Rajas and Sun and Moon. Neither does he consider Mercury, Venus and Guru as a friend nor does he keep any kind of enmity with them . He sees the fifth, seventh, ninth place from his place with a full view.

Rahu situated in different expressions of the horoscope reveals its guilty influence as follows:
1👉 Rahu's position in the first, second, third, fourth, seventh, ninth, tenth and eleventh house is not considered auspicious. But some scholars consider the position of Rahu as the third, sixth and eleventh house also auspicious. 
2👉 Rahu in low or Sagittarius sign gives inauspicious results. 
3👉 If Rahu is the lord of the auspicious future and is sitting in the sixth or eighth position from his house then he gives inauspicious results.
4👉If Rahu is the master of the best house, sitting with the Sun or sitting with Venus and Mercury, it gives inauspicious results. 
5👉 Rahu is inauspicious when viewed from Leo or Sun.
6👉 If there is an inauspicious position of Rahu in the horoscope, then Rahu-peace measures must be taken for the relief of Rahu's pain.

If at least five or seven of the above problems are found in your daily routine too, then of course you are also under the bad influence of Rahu. Take measures by showing your horoscope to a good astrologer.

Without showing the horoscope, a few selected solutions can ruin your life. Because the position of the planet in every horoscope is different. You do not know what measures will be taken to reach the planet in some other sense. Only a qualified astrologer can tell you this.

It is often seen that the person keeps trying all kinds of astrology in a round of cheap and simple remedies. He goes on as every astrologer says. He takes all kinds of remedies, but the situation improves less and worsens more. This is because only three or four remedies of the bad planet give fruit. If more than that, the said planet starts giving its bad effect.

This is just as you take medicines to cure your disease. If you take doses as prescribed, then the disease will improve. If you take a double dose then there will be more problems with the disease.

In some situations, such defects are also created by Rahu Ketu and Shani, in which neither remedies nor prayers are practiced. Therefore, if the remedy is always done by showing the horoscope, then you can improve your condition.
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