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Know wearing which gemstone will benefit pregnant women:

My Jyotish Expert Updated 13 May 2021 03:56 PM IST
Gemstones for Pregnancy
Gemstones for Pregnancy - Photo : Google

It is believed that wearing gemstones fulfils a person's desires soon and gives them success in every task. But many times these gems and sacred stones are also used for Tantra Shastra. There are many types of stones used in Tantra scriptures, it is said that these stones are used in many ways such as the belief that the Agate stone [or Hakik] which is placed in the house, the family will never face financial crisis.

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Agate stones have a special contribution in Tantra scriptures. This stone is counted among a peaceful gemstone, which assists people in their difficult times and helps to bring peace to their mind. This stone proves to be extremely helpful in internal, strong and stressful situations in people's lives. Agate maintains peace in situations of making practical decisions in your troubled life. This gemstone helps in maintaining contact with positive energy.

This stone is also considered to be a replica of Maa Lakshmi and also used to worship the tantra scriptures as well as to worship any deities.

Agate stone is counted as one of the most precious gems for pregnant women. It is considered as good and beneficial in the lives of women. apart from this, some people make Agate stone garlands and wear them around the neck. It is said that wearing a black pearl garland gives women happiness and peace in life.

Well Agate stone is available in many colours such as black, milky white, gray, blue, green, pink and brown as well as blue banded, banded, blue laces, Botswana, bull eye, cathedral, chlorine, cracked fire, crazy lenses, dendritic, fire, fire-burn, geode, holly blue, lagoon, luna and Moss agate are the types of hawks which are found. But only black, white, yellow, red, green and blue are prevalent, he importance of all colours is different.

It is believed that Lord Shiva is pleased by chanting the rosary of Agate. The defects of Shani, Rahu and Ketu go away. If you chant any mantra of Lord Hanuman with a wreath, it is very beneficial.

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