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Know which is called millionaire yoga, see what is in your palm?

My Jyotish Expert Updated 19 May 2021 10:03 AM IST
Palmistry - Photo : My Jyotish Expert
A line drawn between the oblique slanted lines in the palm can also be in your palm. It is said that whoever holds this line in his palm, nothing can stop him from becoming a millionaire. For those who do not have a fortune in their palm, this line also makes them rich.

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There are Several other Lines and Yogs which make a person Millionaire and Prosperous, Read more to know more:-

If Guru, Venus, Mercury, and Chandra Parvat are raised in the palm, then there is Rajyalakshmi Yoga in your palm. With your luck and hard work, you will get great wealth, hope & happiness.

If there is a sign of a turtle anywhere in your palm, then there is a chance of becoming rich. You can suddenly get a lot of money from any source.

If you have a swastika symbol somewhere in your palm, then you are a very lucky person. According to oceanography, such people are will be successful in their lives.

Millionaire yogh is formed when Mercury is in the palm and on the brain line which has a white mole and the fate line is clear, straight, or completely missing. According to his name, a person with such a line is a millionaire.

If any mountain is marked in the palm and any line is clear and uncut on that mountain, then it is an indicator of daily yoga. Such individuals are rich because of their ability and hard work.

If a line is coming out of Bhagyarekha directly and reaching the Sun Mountains, then it is an indicator that you have been born with Bhagya Yoga. Such people are very lucky & their whole life is spent in happiness.

Shani Parvat means that if the middle finger has a mark of chakra, then there is chakra yoga in your palm. You can be a high official and a big asset owner.

In both your palms, if the fate line is reaching from the wrist to the Shani mountain, then you have brought Gajalakshmi yoga. According to oceanography, such a person is very rich and famous even after being born in an ordinary family.

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