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Known what to Avoid and Elude on Amavasya for a better fortune ?

MyJyotish Expert Updated 28 Apr 2021 12:28 PM IST
Amavasya - Photo : Google
Tere are two sides of the lunar month, in which Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha come. The full moon comes on the Shukla Paksha. While 
Amavasya comes on the Krishna side. Where on the full moon day, the size of the moon begins to grow. So on the other hand, on the new moon, the size of the moon starts to shrink.
On the day of Amavasya any kind of auspicious or religious work is avoided. It is believed that on the day of Amavasya, ghosts, ancestors, vampires, nocturnal creatures and demons are more active and unleashed. Special care should be taken knowing the nature of such a day. The phantom's anatomy consists of 25 percent physical atom and 75 percent etheric atom. Similarly, the formation of ancestral body consists of 25 percent etheric atom and 75 percent astral atom.
Photographs of the phantoms can be taken if the etheric atom becomes denser and similarly, if the astral atom becomes denser, the photographs of fathers can also be taken.
In astrology, Chandra is considered the god of the mind. The moon is not visible on Amavasya. In such a situation, those people who are very emotional, have the maximum effect on this matter.
Girls are very emotional. If the moon is not seen on this day, then the movement in our body increases more. The person who thinks negative takes negative power under his influence.
In the scriptures, the 16th art of the moon is called 'Ama'. There is a Mahakala called 'Ama' in the moon, which includes the power of the 16 arts of the moon. Many names of Ama are mentioned in the scriptures, such as Amavasya, Surya-Chandra Sangam, Panchadasi, Amavasi, Amavasi or Amamasi. 
Moon is not seen on Amavasya, I.e. there is no decay and rise, it is called Amavasya, then it is also called 'Kuhu Amavasya'.
Amavasya comes only once a month. In the scriptures, Pitravadeva is the lord of Amavasya Tithi. Amavasya is the period of union of the Sun and the Moon. On this day both of them live in the same zodiac sign.
Some of the main Amavasya: Bhaumavati Amavasya
  • Mouni Amavasya
  • Shani Amavasya
  • Hariyali Amavasya
  • Diwali Amavasya 
  • Somvati Amavasya
  • Sarvapritri Amavasya.
By the way, we are all fully aware that Amavasya is not the day to do any auspicious work, as the God of Amavasya is Pitrudev and on this day the influence of evil power is more everywhere.
But apart from this, there are many other things which should not be done on the new moon day.
On this day, any kind of tamasic items should not be consumed. On this day, alcohol, etc. should also be kept away from intoxication. It can have adverse effects not only on your body, but also on your future. Knowledgeable people say this. That it is good to remain chaudas, amavasya and pratipada in the before said 3 days.

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