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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Lemon Remedies 2022: Business not booming? Follow these sure fire remedies for success

Lemon Remedies 2022: Business not booming? Follow these sure fire remedies for success

My Jyotish Expert Updated 17 Jun 2022 12:53 PM IST
Lemon Remedies
Lemon Remedies - Photo : Google
Lemon has a high level of vitamin C, which helps to boost immunity. If you have liver illness, you should take it regularly.
If you have stomach, gum, or renal issues, lemon will help you to a large amount. It also helps to lower blood pressure and sugar levels. Many people use it incorrectly, and some individuals utilize it for tantric worship. Please let us know how we can utilize lemon.

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Anyone can see it, therefore it's best to avoid it. It doesn't matter if it's a large or little animal. Hit the lemon seven times, from head to toe, whoever has an eye. After that, toss four lemon slices on a calm crossroads. Remember not to glance back after you've completed this and to keep moving forward.

For business advancement,
Lemon is used in the same way it is used for bad eyes. Take a lemon and rub it about the shop, then chop it into four pieces if your business isn't doing well. Then, in each of the four directions, toss a lemon slice. On seven Saturdays, repeat this cure from beginning to end.
If you are not succeeding in your career despite your best efforts, you should place four cloves on a lemon and say 108 rounds of Om Shri Hanumante Namah. And you're going to bring this lemon to work with you. You will undoubtedly achieve professional success. If you haven't gotten a job after thousands of hours of labor, you should take a clean lemon and cut it into four pieces at the junction before midnight and throw it in the four corners. Your unemployment situation will be solved as a result of this.

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for happiness and prosperity
Sometimes the paths of happiness and prosperity are closed for any person. Take a lemon with you to the crossroads and hit yourself seven times with the lemon. After this, you can cut the lemon into two pieces and throw one piece behind you and the other piece in front of you and go home or anywhere.

 for good health
Anyone can fall ill in the house whether it is a child or an elder. So the person or child who is sick, hit him with lemon seven times, cut it into two pieces, and throws it in both directions.
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