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Loan Tips : Know ways to get rid of debts and avoid money crunch

My Jyotish Expert Updated 29 Dec 2021 11:01 AM IST
Money Related Issues
Money Related Issues - Photo : google
Loan Tips : Know ways to get rid of debts and avoid money crunch
Loan Tips: In today's time it is very easy to take a loan. Calls keep coming from all the banks to take loan. To increase the comfort, you have to take a vehicle, buy some household items or build a luxurious house. All types of loans are easily available but sometimes it becomes difficult to repay them. Things are not always the same, such problems also come to the fore that the condition gets worse in repaying these loans. Many a times, due to debt, a person starts getting mental stress. Some remedies have been given in astrology, on which one can get rid of the burden of debt by doing nectar.

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Ways to Get Out of Debt: Many times a person gets mental stress due to debt. This tension becomes so dominant that people are forced to even take suicidal steps. Although they say that the feet should be spread as much as the sheet is there, but still people get trapped in the debt trap. After repaying the loan, the financial condition of the person starts deteriorating. If you are also troubled by debt. If you are not able to get rid of debt even after hard work, then some remedies have been mentioned in astrology, by following which you can get rid of the burden of debt, as well as your money related problems can be overcome.
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Do these steps:
1. Go to Shiva temple on Tuesday and anoint Shivling with milk and water and offer lentils. After that, sit there and chant the Rinmukteshwar mantra Om Rinmukteshwar Mahadevaya Namah at least one rosary i.e. 108 times.
2. On every Tuesday and Saturday, recite Hanuman Chalisa after applying oil and yellow vermilion to Hanumanji. By doing this, all the problems related to debt are removed and the mind will calm down. Keep barley in a vessel by your head at night. After getting up in the morning, after taking bath, donate barley to any needy. By doing this, gradually the money related problems start coming to an end. Along with getting rid of debt, the financial condition also gets stronger.
4. On Wednesday, after boiling one and a half pav of moong mixed with ghee and sugar, feeding the cow gets rid of debt quickly.
5. Feeding jaggery-gram and banana to the monkeys, bread to the cow, flour pellets to the fish and grains to the birds also gives freedom from debt.
6. According to Vastu, keep the north-east corner clean. By doing this, you can get rid of debt soon.
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