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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Lohri 2022: Know the date, time, and significance from experts.

Lohri 2022: Know the date, time, and significance from experts.

Riti riti.tomar@gmail.comRiti Tomar Updated 15 Dec 2021 10:10 AM IST
Lohri - Photo : Amarujala
The festival of Lohri is celebrated as the harvesting and sowing of crops. On this day people dance their hearts out and sing around by lighting a fire and celebrating happiness. There is a tradition of putting jaggery, sesame, gajak in the fire and then distributing it amongst each other.

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This year Lohri is falling on 13 January’2021. This festival comes a day before Makar Sankranti. Lohri is celebrated across the country with a lot of joy, but in the region of Punjab and Haryana, it is celebrated with great pomp.
The festival of Lohri is also considered the new year of the farmers. It is believed that this day marks the end of the winter season and the onset of the spring season. “Sarson ka Saag” and “Makki ki roti” are served on this day, it is one of the favorites and popular delights of Punjab. On this day, all the people from a particular region or their relatives gather together at a venue and celebrate this joyful festival by lighting the fire, singing folk songs, dancing the bhangra and gidda, distributing sweets, and enjoying their meal. They place Goddess Lohri above the bonfire, which is made of cow dung and then decorated beautifully.
All the gathered people sing songs in admiration of Goddess Lohri and God of Fire, Agni, seeking blessings for the well-being of everyone and profusion of good crops. They pray around the lightened fire, which is followed by the distribution of sweets (prasad) for example sesame seed, jaggery, gajak, peanuts, puffed rice, and popcorn.
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