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How to please to Lord Shiva ?

Myjyotish Expert Updated 24 Jan 2021 05:43 PM IST
Lord shiva
Lord shiva - Photo : Myjyotish
Lord shiva, also known as Mahadev (great god) is the supreme god and is also a part of the Hindu trinity which consists of Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. Bholenath (another name for shiva) is known as ‘the destroyer’ along with Brahma as the creator and Vishnu as the preserver. Even with the reputation of being the destroyer, Shiva is known for being benevolent and also has the responsibilities of protecting and transforming the universe.  
It is very interesting to know that Lord Shiva has many different forms, some representing kindness while other forms can be intimidating. Some depictions show him as a yogi residing in Mount Kailash or shown as a provider at home along with his wife Parvati and kids- Lord Ganesh and Kartikeya. In his fierce depictions, he is shown slaying demons. The most common way Mahadev is recognized is with a snake around his neck and a damaru and trishul in his hand. He has a third eye on his forehead and has a dark blue complexion to his body.
Devotees pray to lord Shiva because he is known to be very generous with his devotees and is very easy to please. People who have chronic diseases should pray to lord shiva because it is said that he can prevent untimely death. Moreover, Shiva is also known as the god of fertility, therefore couples who are having trouble conceiving a child are also recommended to pray to Shiva. As a yogi, he also blesses those who are seeking success, spiritual progress and enlightenment. Since Shiva’s depiction also shows him in love as a husband with his wife Parvati, he is known to bless lovers too. People who are worried about the troublesome positioning of the moon in their astrology chart are recommended to wear pearl necklaces, but pundits also claim that praying to Lord Shiva might be more beneficial than wearing the necklace.
If you have decided to pray to lord shiva, try one of these remedies to start your journey!
  • It is said that before praying to any god or goddess, one is required to pray to lord Ganesh. So, begin your puja with praying to Lord Ganesh first.
  • Visit Lord Shiva’s temple every Monday after taking a bath and going with a clean state of mind.
  • When visiting the temple, don’t forget to put a vibhuti or bhasma tilak on your forehead.
  • It is important to know that while praying to Lord Shiva, a devotee must never forget the most important chant- om namah shivaya. Chant this throughout the puja or prayer.
  • Perform abhishekam to the shiva linga by bhasma and water. Alternatively, one can also offer bilwa leaves to the shiva lingam, which are considered as lord Shiva’s favourite.
  • Recite ‘maha mrityunjay mantra’ as many times as possible. It is a mantra which is believed to protect one from fatal diseases and untimely death. The mantra is mentioned below-
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