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Body Astrology 2022: Not only hands, but also the lines of feet will change your destiny

My Jyotish Expert Updated 02 Jul 2022 01:26 PM IST
Lucky Sings in Foot : Not only hands, but also the lines of feet will change your destiny
Lucky Sings in Foot : Not only hands, but also the lines of feet will change your destiny - Photo : Google
Most have heard saying that the line of fate is in the hands. It is also heard in the feet, but it is not heard that the fate can be detected even from the line of the foot. The line of the feet of Lord Vishnu has been told in palmistry and oceanography. It is said that the future of humans comes from the lines of their hands. Astrologers make the entire future out of the lines of the hands. 

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According to the scriptures, whatever comes in the world definitely has a future. It is said that the fate of the line depends on how our future will be. Similarly, luck can be known from the lines of the feet. Referring to the lines on the feet of Lord Vishnu, they are considered very auspicious. If that line is in the feet of a person, then it is considered very auspicious. Along with this, he is also called lucky that he has a sign like Lord Vishnu on his feet. 


Let us know about the auspicious signs and their lines present in the feet: - 


Know the auspicious signs and lines present in the wings 


* If a person sees a line going from the middle of the soles of the feet to the middle finger, then his life passes very happily. And he doesn't have to work hard to get anything in his life. This is considered to be the best fate line. Such a person gets happiness, prosperity and profit in the state sector. 


* If a person has a trident in his feet, then that person is very lucky. Because connects Trishul with Lord Shiva. People also move easily in the government sector. 

Know about this also:-

* If any person has a swastika sign on the soles of his feet, then it is considered very good. It is said that luck has brought it with you. It means that there is Raja Yoga in the life of this person, one is very fortunate. Such persons also do religious pilgrimages. 


* If a person has a straight line under his left toe, then you are very lucky. Because in oceanography, this line has been described as an indicator of wealth and prosperity. Any person who has such a line on his feet, then that person is considered to be generous, virtuous and a believer in Dharma Karma. They never run short of money. 


* In the oceanography, the Gajrekha has been described as the Swastik line. Like an elephant's trunk, the line is curved towards one heel. A person with such a line gets happiness, prosperity and glory like a king. 


* If a person has a flag mark on his feet, then that mark is considered similar to the swastika. Such a person is interested in religion. Such a person can also become a perfect man in the future. 


* If a person shows a shape like T of English slightly above the eddy, then you can understand that you can become a very big businessman. Just for that you will have to do a little work. Such people earn a lot of respect.
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