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Magh purnima 2022|know important details about its Puja vidhi and Magh mela

My Jyotish Expert Updated 16 Feb 2022 11:48 AM IST
Magh Purnima
Magh Purnima - Photo : google
Magh purnima 2022|know important details about its Puja vidhi and Magh mela

The Full Moon or Poornima date withinside the month of Magh in step with the Hindu Panchang is referred to as Magh Purnima. This day is religiously and spiritually significant. It is virtuous to bathe, do charity and chant in this day. Also, taking a holy tubtub in this day is stated to be of excessive importance. It begins offevolved from Paush Poornima and ends via way of means of Magh Poornima. After doing Kalpvaas on TirthrajPrayag, Magh Poornima is the final day to perform Triveni tub. According to Hindu beliefs, Lord Madhav blesses folks that do MaghSnan (tubtub) with wealth, children, prosperity, luck, happiness, and salvation.

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Magh Poornima originates from Magh Constellation. It is assumed that Gods come on Earth in human shape and take a dip in Prayag together with charity and chanting. This is why it's miles stated that bathing withinside the Ganges in this day effects in satisfying your needs and results in salvation. As according to the writings in Hindu scriptures, it will become symbolic if Pushya Constellation seems in this date.

On the day of Magh Poornima, bathing, fasting, chanting, doing charity and worshipping in the front of holy hearthplace is carried out. Lord Vishnu is worshipped in this day, together with doing Shradh for ancestors and donating to the negative. Follow the puja vidhi as mentioned:
1.  On the early morning of Magh Poornima, take a tubtub in a holy river, lake, close by properly or reservoir. After that, provide water to Lord Surya at the same time as chanting the mantras.
2.  Worship Lord Madhusudan after taking a decision for immediate and bathing
3.  Feed negative and brahmins throughout Madhyahant length and supply beneficiant donations.
4.  Give sesame and black sesame seeds in donations. In the month of Magh Poornima, behavior the holy Hawan and Oblation or Tarpan for ancestors.
Every yr at Tirthraj Prayag (Allahabad), Magh Mela is organized, additionally referred to as Kalpvaas. Devotees from India and overseas tour right all the way down to this region to be part of it. From centuries, the way of life of Kalpvaas is maintained in Prayag. Completion of Kalpvaas is performed after taking a holy dip at the day of Magh Poornima. Residing at the banks of TirthrajPrayag Sangam is referred to as Kalpvaas. Kalpvaas approach reading Vedas at the banks of Sangam. Kalpvaas stands for patience, dedication of non-violence and devotion.
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