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Mahakali Temple: know about the only temple of goddess kali centered around

My Jyotish Expert Updated 22 Apr 2022 02:26 PM IST
Maha kali
Maha kali - Photo : Google
The only temple built based on Kali Yantra
A temple that has been built based on Siddha Mantras. The dome of this temple is being prepared to keep in mind the planets and constellations. One such temple of Mata Mahakali is present in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh's Sanskardhani. This is the only temple in itself that is built on Kali Yantra. This temple is situated on Shree Siddha Mahakali Peeth Rangwa Patan Road. Devotees come here with great reverence, this temple wants to be known for its construction style and the statue of Mata Mahakali.

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The form of South facing Kali Mata is considered to be fierce. This form is the fierce form of Mata Mahakali. Which is situated in this temple. However, devotees visit him for his gentleness. Mata Mahakali is worshiped in this temple not only by tantra mantra but also through general meditation worship. Due to this, the face of the idol of Mata Maha Kali has been kept in the north direction in this temple. Talking about the construction style of the temple, the construction of this temple has been done based on Kali Yantra and its work is still going on. Kali Yantra is being installed on the dome. The height of this temple will be 57 feet. The Kali Yantra installed on the top of the temple will provide positive energy to the devotees who come inside the temple.
In this temple, Mata Mahakali is seated in the form of Raudra. Devotees do not have to bear the effulgence of Mata Mahakali, so the Panchayat of Lord Shiva has been established right in front of the mother's mouth. So that whatever is the glory of Mahakali Mata, it goes to Mahadev instead of the common devotees. The effulgence of Mata Mahakali is so much that no ordinary devotee can accept it.

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 Every corner of this temple has been built based on mantras, when the mantras are recited in this temple, then its sound and vibration can be felt.
Devotees have deep faith in Mahakali, the mother of devotees in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. During the festival of Navratri, huge pandals of Mahakali are also set up in Jabalpur. A 17 feet high statue of Mata Mahakali has been installed in this temple of Mahakali on the lines of Mahakali of Jabalpur's Gadha Phatak.
Whose most special thing is that this 17 feet statue is made of just one stone. Devotees are surprised to see such a huge idol of Mata Mahakali. Devotees have special faith in Mother Mahakali, due to which there is a huge crowd of devotees in the temple. This crowd increases during the holy festival of Navratri. Also, the temple is decorated wonderfully. Every day devotees come from far and wide to see Mother Mahakali.
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