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Mandar Hills and it's Significance

My Jyotish Expert Updated 27 May 2021 12:43 PM IST
Mandar Hills
Mandar Hills - Photo : Google

Mandar Parvat has great religious significance in Hinduism. The Mandar Parvat mentioned in mythology and religious texts. It is believed that the gods and asuras used the mountain as a churner and the serpent as a rope at the time of churning, and Vasuki Nag was wrapped on the Mandar mountain at the time of Samudra Manthan. Whose impression is still seen in the form of sharp ridges on this mountain. Which still remains here at a distance of 6 feet from each other. These lines are not man-made at all. It is said that these marks were made by the rubbing of Vasuki's body during the churning of the sea. Which has been the center of faith of millions of people for centuries.

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1. This mountain is a small mountain with a height of about 700 feet. Also known as Mandar Hill.
2. This mountain is located in Bonsi village in Banka district of Bihar state, it is located at a distance of 35km from Bhagalpur. Where rail, bus etc. can be transported conveniently by any vehicle.
3. This mountain is a center of faith for Hindus as well as followers of Jainism.
4. In mythology, this mountain has been given special importance.
5. People believe that  the great conch shell by which Lord Shiva drinks poison present on the top of this mountain in the shape of the big counch .
6. It is also a tourist place hundreds of ancient statues of the Gupta period engraved here on the rocks of the mountain. Many  people come here every day to see them.
7. It was believed that there is a Papaharani pond situated at the foothills of this mountain. By  bathing in that pond people get relief from leprosy.
8. People take a bath in this pond on the day of Makar Sankranti. After that they worship Lord Madhusudan, then curd-chuda and til ke laddu are specially eaten. A huge fair is organized here on Makarsankranti. Which lasts for about 15 days. Which is known as the Bonsi Fair. The Bonsi fair also has the status of a state fair.

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