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Mercury Retrograde 2022: Know which zodiac signs must be cautious during the Transit

My Jyotish Expert Updated 10 May 2022 04:42 PM IST
Mercury Retrograde 2022
Mercury Retrograde 2022 - Photo : Google
Mercury will be retrograde in Gemini on 10th May and will also be set in a retrograde state on 13th May. Mercury is the lord of Gemini and Virgo, so the state of retrograde and setting will have an effect on others including the zodiac signs owned by Mercury. When Mercury retrograde in Taurus, then it can be more disappointing and show confrontation. Mercury in Taurus tends to be very stubborn and doesn't see another's point of view, so when it is retrograde, more people tend to double down on their views and don't want to see others' points of view.

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This stubborn energy can create problems in your life in the area of parenting, and media communication. From May 10 to 30, people of Gemini, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces will see more impact, these people should be careful.
This has happened in your second house, this transit of Mercury will give you stability in your career, there will be more opportunities to move ahead but the pace is going to be slow on them. You may like to learn new things, but due to laziness, there will be a change in the plan again and again. Eating outside should be avoided during this time to ensure good condition. Don't harbor too many differences with the people around you.
The retrograde transit of Mercury in Taurus will be in your zodiac sign. You will not get the full support of luck from this transit of Mercury. Luck may reflect a delay in being helpful for some reason. You may have to wait to get financial benefits. Your health will be normal. Father's happiness will be affected. The advice of senior people may not seem very favorable, but it would be appropriate to listen to them.
The retrograde transit of Mercury in Gemini will be in your twelfth house. There will be concerns about some things at this time. You may have to work a little harder to get favorable results from this transit of Mercury. You may also have to change houses during this time. To avoid the inauspicious situation, it will be auspicious to chant Budh Mantra.

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The retrograde transit of Mercury can show your understanding before making some decisions. With this transit of Mercury, your hard work will be more. Efforts can also be kept more by doing some tasks. Will help others, which will get benefit in the coming time. If you do any work with patience, then you will get success and at the same time, you can get money.
Your speech power will also be affected, to ensure auspicious results, it would be auspicious to feed sweets to little girls while going out of the house for some auspicious work.
The setting and retrograde transit of Mercury shows some slow movement for Virgo. Your intellect will be on your head. There will be many ideas at once but it will not be easy to implement them. Your interest in some work will increase but opportunities may be less.

The retrograde transit of Mercury for Scorpio can increase your unnecessary travels. You can have good relations with others. At this time, efforts will have to be made to deal with the issues related to the investment of money. You will try your best to express your views, you may get little support from your brothers and sisters. According to the hard work, the attainment of fruits may remain normal.
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