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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Mercury Retrograde 2022: Rise of Mercury is bringing positive changes for these zodiacs, Find for yours

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Rise of Mercury is bringing positive changes for these zodiacs, Find for yours

My Jyotish Expert Updated 03 Aug 2022 05:49 PM IST
Mercury Retrograde 2022
Mercury Retrograde 2022 - Photo : Google
Mercury becomes Margi 2022: With the rise of the planet Mercury, these zodiac signs will be blessed with special work and wealth.
In astrology, the planet Mercury is considered to be associated with intelligence, logical compatibility, communication. Whenever the position of Mercury in the horoscope or transit is affected or any major change comes on it, then the planet has a very deep effect.For some time now, Mercury was transiting in the set dasha. From today, Mercury will move out of its setting position and will transit in rising position. At this time the qualities of Mercury will once again be well received. What Mercury was not able to give in its setting, now it will be received when Mercury rises.The planet Mercury is especially the lord of Gemini and Virgo signs, so any change in Mercury has a direct effect on them. With this, for whom Mercury can show changes, let us know how will the rise of Mercury affect those zodiac signs.

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Gemini - The rise of the planet Mercury can be seen to prove to be good for you, because Gemini is also the lord of the zodiac and now Mercury is going to rise in the second house from the sign in transit. The second house is said to be the place of wealth and speech.Due to this, you may get sudden monetary gains during this period. Also, finalizing a big deal in business can lead to monetary gains. Also, at this time one can start the work related to partnership. Good money can be received from someone on behalf of the family. People who are working in the field of communication and marketing such as lawyers, marketing, media workers and teachers, this time can prove to be beneficial for them. Also, the lord of your fourth house is the planet Mercury, so at this time you can get the support of your mother.

Virgo - With the rise of the planet Mercury, good days can start for you people. Because the planet Mercury is going to rise in your benefic house. The eleventh house of the horoscope is called Labh, which is considered to be an important house in astrology.It is also considered as a place of income and society. Therefore, you can see a good increase in your income at this time. Also, due to the influence of the planet Mercury, you can get some success in business and career. At the same time, there will be sweetness in the relationship with the love partner. Sources of income will increase. Also the lord of your zodiac is Mercury. So at this time you can earn money and profit in the stock market.

Sagittarius - The position of Mercury can give good benefits for Sagittarius. Identity will be proved in the work field. Opportunities for success will be ahead. The work of earning money can now move ahead after coming out of the stagnation. At this time you may get a new job or a new business offer. Also if you are doing job then you can get promotion. Happiness will come in married life. You will get the support of your partner. There will be time for cooperation and financial benefits from the family.

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